alcplugfix opencore. 8, new OpenCore releases happen on the Monday of the next month. Kendi başına CodecCommander işe yaramıyor. 仅支持Dell XPS 15 7590 4K 机型OpenCore 版本0. On average issues are closed in 0 days. undefined t440p-oc: Lenovo ThinkPad T440p Hackintosh (macOS Catalina 10. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Wifi/BT Card: Broadcom BCM94352HMB / BCM20702A0 Combo (Dell 1550) Touchpad: ELAN Touchpad with VoodooPS2Controller (acidanthera kext) BIOS revision: 301 (modded bios for CFG Unlock definitively) Working: iServices works, including iMessage, FaceTime. Hackintosh READMEs, OpenCore configurations, patches, and notes for the Razer Blade 15 (Late 2019) @Sniki and @goodwin for ALCPlugFix. EFI目录下添加ALCPlugFix目录,请安装完成后进入ALCPlugFix目录,双击 install双击自动安装. AlcPlugFix HELP I want help applying these steps " Make sure you have installed CodecCommander. sh Install Boom 3D APP to get better audio output Change log: •hdmi audio changed to hotpatch from dsdt patch •add usbports. NOTE: The number of mentions on this list indicates mentions on common posts plus user suggested alternatives. laozhiang for handy hotpatches for Huawei Matebooks. 插上镜像U盘,然后启动电脑,在OpenCore中选择macOS Install from XXX(表示移动设备名称)进入安装界面; 这步和白果一样,如果你需要分区,可以在 磁盘管理 进行分区,如果已经分好区,但是在安装阶段不可用,则需要在磁盘管理格式化分区,这里需要记下自己安装. 4 参考 xxxz 修改acpi,所有acpi原始文件位于oc-acpi-dsdt目录,OC不建议使用重命名补丁,修改后删除大量重命名补丁. Recent commits have higher weight than older ones. IntelMausi - Intel Ethernet LAN driver for macOS. DP output (Recommended) Use ru. Based on common mentions it is: XPS9570-Catalina, ALCPlugFix, Itlwm or Dell-Inspiron-5491-2in1-Hakintosh macOS Big Sur for the Dell XPS 15 9570 using the OpenCore. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Acidanthera for OpenCore, Lilu, WhateverGreen, AppleALC and other awesome projects on hackintosh. Acidanthera 提供 OpenCore 和 相关驱动 black-dragon74 提供 ALCPlugFix-Swift al3xtjames 提供 NoTouchID alexandred 提供 VoodooI2C 宪武 提供 OC-little 关于打赏 如果您认可我的工作,请通过打赏支持我后续的更新. Now shut down the VM, and remove both the OpenCore and the Big Sur installer drives from the Hardware tab. I can upload the efi folder tomorrow morning if needed. 开机,按F12选择U盘引导,光标移动到EFI USB Device选择OpenCore分区启动: 进入OpenCore主引导界面,选择Install macOS Monterey,回车进入安装,这期间会显示引导日志,也就是常见的-v(啰嗦模式),如果不幸卡住了,请拍照发到QQ群里寻求帮助; 选择简体中文,点击->继续. net,macOS,Hackintosh,黑苹果,linux. For Windows Once ProperTree is running, open your config. opencore 详解《转载》 用 Mac 拯救你未正确插拔的机械硬盘. If you don't see Recovery in Opencore Picker, press spacebar and you a message saying: "AlcplugFix is an app downloaded from INTERNET. bat for 《精解OpenCore》 Steve Zheng for XiaoMi-Pro-Hackintosh. What is OpenCore and who is this guide for OpenCore is what we refer to as a "boot loader" - it is a complex piece of software that we use to prepare our systems for macOS - specifically by injecting new data for macOS such as SMBIOS, ACPI tables and kexts. sh No mistake, you can plug the headset test. Patching Display EDID [WIP] First we need to download these three Applications: Hackintool, AWEDIDEditor and HexFiend. 前言 OpenCore 默认启动界面是类似于命令行一样的黑乎乎的界面。习惯了clover华丽的启动界面的小伙伴可能不适应了。甚至我之前以为OpenCore启动界面就是这样的不能变呢?第一次看到感觉还是clover讨喜。其实OpenCore也可以有华丽的界面的。. kext Download the code, modify the HDA instruction inside for your own sound card, compile out, cover alc_fix / ALCPlugFix. Generally the best place to start is by looking through your OpenCore logs and seeing if Lilu and AppleALC injected correctly: 14:354 00:020 OC: Prelink injection Lilu. command” in the ALCPlugFix to patch . *In windows OS press FN+F7 to change graphic mode: 1. Apple's Mac OS Big Sur hackintosh using OpenCore. 关机重启,进入OpenCore引导选择界面,进入recovery模式,打开工具->终端;执行以下命令. I followed the vanilla guide from dortania and had to disable sip to install ALCPlugFix. When comparing AppleALC and VerbStub you can also consider the following projects: GenSMBIOS - Py script that uses acidanthera's macserial to generate SMBIOS and optionally saves them to a plist. 20/11/21 11:43 Acer Aspire V 15 V5-591G [Catalina - Windows 10] -. Thinkpad T440p 8gb ddr3 Opencore 0. 设置 csr-active-config 项为 String 类型 值为 0x0285. efi or H2OUVE to unlock DVMT Pre-allocated to 64M if you want 4K60P output. Previously used Catalina on this laptop with Clover but opted for a clean install on a fresh SSD. Audio Codec: ALC 3232 (ALC 292 - layout-id: 28) Ethernet Card: Intel (built-in) Wifi/BT Card: Intel 7265 (incompatible for wifi; working BT) Others: 500GB SATA HDD. 6 装在thinkpad x250 再换了博通DW1820A网卡完美支持,摄像头,蓝牙,wifi, . OpenCore stable update for mechrevo 10th model. 使用AppleALC声卡仿冒驱动AppleHDA的正确姿势. Considering i haven't finished the OpenCore Bootloader guide yet, due to the big number of request for a OpenCore guide, here is the Open Core guide which is much more stable and faster than Clover, i have been using the OpenCore Bootloader. kext If its installed from Macintosh HD->Library->Extensions. Execute the script to install the daemon cd alc_fix chmod + x install. After the config is opened, press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R and point it at your EFI/OC folder to perform a "Clean Snapshot":. prefPane by searching for preference panes and removing it, make sure to delete both from trash. Option 1: OpenCore EFI USB This is the safest way to test it, all you have to do is get a USB drive, format it as HFS+J GPT, mount the USB EFI and copy the EFI of the OpenCore that i attached and simply reboot and boot from USB, you will maintain your installation but instead of your current Clover EFI you boot from the OpenCore EFI from USB. On the Options tab, edit the boot order to place your virtio0 disk as the first disk. Open Hackintool and go to the Displays tab and click the Export icon/button on the bottom-right side. nvidia gpu only mode:Indisplay & Exdisplay both connects to nvidia 1060. 0; CloverV2_5146四版合一 EFI bootloader; Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 For Mac v26. It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community. Please do not bug Acidanthera with issues about this guide. SSDT-ALC235 Yamasını kullanmak zorundayız. OS-X-ACPI-Battery-Driver; OS-X. As to Linux, you didn't understand, I don't want to install Linux but the config. cpo / Hackintosh Dell Inspiron 7590. 6,Now just waiting for the webdriver for macos11. [AUDIO] Dortania OpenCore laptop guide haven't mentioned gfxutil -f HDEF to find your PciRoot for the DeviceProperties. This is likely do to IRQ conflicts, on Clover there's a whole sweep of ACPI hot-patches . 进入附件的ALCPlugFix目录 先用上面提到的解锁 S/L/E 权限的命令, 然后双击 install双击自动安装. And anyone else that helped to develop and improve hackintoshing. ALCPlugFix-Swift Support Best in #Runtime Evironment Average in #Runtime Evironment Quality. chris111 for maintaing Realtek USB Wireless drivers. A free file archiver for extremely high compression. Post Install Download ALCPluginFix Extracted ALCPlugFix folder into Desktop. OpenCore; VoodooPS2; VirtualSMC; WhateverGreen; Alex James for. ALCPlugFix-Swift has a low active ecosystem. Fixing Audio in Hackintosh || OpenCore || Clover || Hackintosh Post install Guide. Add a fancy GUI to OpenCore and even a boot chime! Fixing Resolution and Verbose. April 18, 2020 Update Moved VoodooInput kext locations to correct position on Kernel -> Add. 1 on Opencore, following the Dortania guide. Audio Codec: Realtek ALC 233 with ALCPlugFix, Layout 3 (AppleALC kext) Ethernet Card: Realtek RT8111. AlcPlugFix · Make sure you have installed CodecCommander. 且99%接近于白苹果的完美黑苹果。 - Lenovo-ThinkPad-T450s-Hackintosh-OpenCore/ALCPlugFix at master · CLAY-BIOS/Lenovo-ThinkPad-T450s-Hackintosh-OpenCore. For the trackpad, there's a SSDT-thinkpad-clickpad file that you can modify. For OpenCore: If you're using OpenCore, copy the kext to EFI/OC/Kexts. Also, this is the file you need to drag to the terminal window when install. Press WIN + SPACE and open terminal. Suggest an alternative to VerbStub. profzei for UEFI Secure Boot and OpenCore guide. Issues with ALCPlugFix / ComboJack (XPS9350) HELP. 0 OpenCore Stable update for mechrevo 10th ver 3. 15:用于安装的本地支持(例如Apple)USB以太网适配器. bat 开发的 IntelBluetoothFirmware 和 HeliPort; alexandred 开发的 VoodooI2C; athlonreg 开发的 ALCPlugFix 来修复耳麦一体耳机的问题; win1010525 翻译英文readme并制作AIO版本EFI. Note: This is a community run guide which is not officially endorsed by Acidanthera. I highly recommend to follow it as it will give you a brief idea about Hackintosh and you can then create your Hackintosh machine according to your system specifications. - Open Disk Utility and Erase your Main Hard Drive and format to : MacOS AFPS (not encrypted) - Go back to the installer continue and choose your Formated Hard Drive to install MacOS. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. XPS15-9560-BigSur xps15-9560 吃上黑果的 OpenCore 配置,不方便下载的童鞋可以前往 | 下载 2020-12-18 更新OpenCore至0. After many trials trying to successfully get opencore to work, ended up just using an olarilla catalina usb and most things just worked perfectly, got sound working and the audio jack fixed with alcplugfix but there isn't a line-in option under input. A hackintosh OpenCore EFI for Huawei Matebook 13 / 14 2020 Intel Edition - Matebook_13_14_2020_Hackintosh_OpenCore/install双击自动安装. 声卡默认 layout-id = 32,耳机杂音请使用声卡修复脚本(ALCPlugFix)。 如果你想使用扩展坞上的音频接口,请将声卡 layout-id 设置为 55 ,选择线路输出。 支持触摸屏(带有多点触控和触屏手势)。 支持 Catalina。 支持 Mojave。 支持扩展坞。 此仓库可适用于所有使用第. Thanks goes to these wonderful people :. 1 from Catalina by using this OpenCore version also give same result; no audio input and output but all other features running well. 2 and gave OpenCore a shot yesterday and holy shit, under 3 hours from downloading the image to 100% fully functional Big Sur installation. Wifi/BT Card: Broadcom BCM94352HMB / BCM20702A0 Combo (Dell 1550) Touchpad: ELAN Touchpad with VoodooPS2Controller (acidanthera kext) BIOS revision: 301 (used CFGUnlock for unlock MSR) Working:. sh Go to file Go to file T; Go to line L; Copy path Copy permalink; This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. OpenCore Config / EFI to run macOS Big Sur on the Matebook X Pro 2020 - Working on macOS Monterey Support macOS on MateBook X Pro 2020 | Opencore You Must Change SMBIOS to use iCloud Services Currently working on my Personal Machine, so only stable versi. [SUCCESS] Dell Precision Tower 7910 * E5-2699V4 * RX5700XT * Opencore 0. 哪些不能在OpenCore正常工作 所有在 哪些不能在Clover正常工作 小节提到的 没有主题 稍慢的开机速度 需要更多测试。。。 这些不能正常工作的项目不代表 OpenCore 弱于 Clover,而是因为我缺少 OpenCore 的操作经验。 哪些可以工作得更好 使用ALCPlugFix来修复耳机重新. 0Big Sur beta10ALCPlugFixBig Sur. Laptop model: ThinkPad X250 (no mods) CPU: Intel Core i5 5200U. Switch from VoodooHDA to AppleALC - if you have never installed VoodooHDA skip steps 1 and 2. According to info reported i have this audio codec: Codecs Detecteds: Vendor: ONBOARD Name: Codec: 0x10ec0b00 (AppleHDA) Realtek (Unknown) (10ec:0b00) Rev. Support touch screen (With multi-touch and . 联想拯救者y9000x,i7 16 1T 4K版本基本完美使用中:(王瑞奇WangRicky版本) 2021-11-9更新1、跪谢王瑞琦集成了声音驱动,完美解决了自发布以来困扰着大家问题,如果可以大家给予鼓励. Helps fix the resolution of OpenCore, and allows you to get that sweet Apple logo while booting! Fixing MacPro7,1 Memory Errors. Clover; OpenCore · Installation. fancybox {display:inline-block} 【黑. ALCPlugFix'e gerek kalmamış gibi görünüyor. ComboJack Alternatives and Reviews (Oct 2021). It has 18 star (s) with 10 fork (s). OpenCore (OC)是一种新的引导方式,随着越来越多的kexts开始放弃Clover, 我相信提早使用OC会对你未来使用黑苹果会有很大的帮助。. Stars - the number of stars that a project has on GitHub. 本帖长期更新自用的OpenCore配置 本配置基于[链接登录后可见]修改以支持4K机型仅支持Dell XPS 15 7590 4K 机型 OpenCore 版本 0. OpenCore Multiboot (opens new window) Dedicated guide to multibooting with OpenCore. Location Note: These files must be placed under EFI/OC/Drivers/ Universal Required Drivers. Lenovo ThinkPad X240 using OpenCore (0. command 用 Clover Configurator 打开 EFI/Clover/config. A partition and disk imaging/cloning program. 14,changed to 外星人黑苹果clover/opencore收集 alienware hackintosh clover/opencore collection. I followed OpenCore guide to create my hackintosh machine. This is an i7-4550U with intel HD5000. Hi all, after struggling for the last three days I've finally managed to get a (mostly) working macOS on my Dell Inspiron 7373 (i7-8550u) using OpenCore 0. kext () - Success If it says failed to inject: 15:448 00:007 OC: Prelink injection AppleALC. 0 and all related kext, I noticed that no audio input and output was detected. The free and Open Source productivity suite. 7; Remove ALCPlugFix for layout-id 3 and 28 . If your Lenovo Thinkpad T440S doesn’t have a TouchScreen display, it is required for you to disable the kext responsible for TouchScreen. When the prompt appears to open/allow hda-verb and ALCPlugFix as third party Applications, press Open/Allow to enable them so they can load. plist ,不要拽错了,然后回车并输入密码,看到下面成功的截图后重启; 5. Big Sur Acer-Aspire-5-A515-51G-Hackintosh. 1 compiled by myself I5 4300m Mac OS 10. x) - OpenCore Copy ALCPlugFix to your desktop. Firmware drivers are drivers used by OpenCore in the UEFI environment. OpenCore Configurator On Line. 13 and later High Sierra with the help of ALCPlugFix. app and follow the instructions. How to install ComboJack or ALCPlugFix. You can find such adpter on Taobao or AliExpress, here is one of them: link. Execute the script to install the daemon. 这是一个自然的现象,就像变色龙被Clover淘汰,而现在OC代替Clover也是大势所趋。. plist by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + O and selecting the config. 💻 Lenovo ThinkPad T440p Hackintosh (macOS Catalina 10. 4, only support 4K30P or 4K50P in 4:2:0. And without having to piece together a bunch of bad advice from scouring Reddit and different forums, solely working off the OpenCore docs. 16 updates; Update CLOVER to 5105; Update Lilu to 1. kext · Download the code, modify the HDA instruction inside for your own sound card, . Same layout ID from Clover doesn't work on OpenCore. Download the code, modify the HDA instruction inside for your own sound card, compile out, cover alc_fix / ALCPlugFix. It had no major release in the last 12 months. 此仓库可以让你在macos中使用ThinkPad T450s T450 X250 X1C3的所有功能(不包括指纹),且99%接近于白苹果的完美黑苹果。. Everything went well, but even while testing in Catalina when using the OpenCore 0. OC-little for their handy ACPI Hotpatches and ACPI tutorials for OpenCore. plist``NVRAM\4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14. ,rehabman/os-x-clover-laptop-config,:,https://github. Activity is a relative number indicating how actively a project is being developed. Or you can use ALCPlugFix-Swift: run uninstall-combojack. OpenCore EFI Bootloader for Dell Inspiron 14 3467. Fang Hsin Wen for Compile this OpenCore EFI. 前一阵子在reddit上看到opencore这个东西,我就去了解了解,发现竟然是一个好东东! 跟clover的差别在于opencore的手段非常干净,不修改苹果的系统,而且opencore的网站也准备了非常仔细的教程,加上更重要的是你完全不必一个osx系统来准备安装usb:windows,linux都. 4; 更新所有内核扩展到最新版 4K内屏支持60Hz刷新率 更新ALC298PlugFix为ALCPlugFix-. Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440P. Hackintosh LEGION Y7000P 安装教程. ThinkPad T440P Hackintosh OpenCore. Wireless Card: BCM94360CD 4 antennas. -ThinkPad-T450s-Hackintosh-OpenCore/tree/master/ALCPlugFix Refer to this, . alcplugfix seems not working on 10. x1 Carbon 2nd Gen (Haswell). · sudo spctl --master-disable · sudo . 6 官方版本由于个人能力有限, 教程中难免会有些疏漏, 这里推荐大家在参阅本教程的同时也阅读以下资料:OpenCore 官方文档 – OpenCore 最权威的资料, 没有之一!!!xjn‘s Blog – xjn 大佬的博客, 对台式. Next, reboot into macOS and type this into terminal sudo mount -uw /. Hello, your alcplugfix was working on previous macOS releases but it seems it does not working on 11. 8; Update kexts; Change video card ID (still fighting to get robust along with ALCPlugFix to get headphone audio working. NoTouchID; chris111 for maintaing supports on Realtek USB wireless card. I've got dual-gpu working good on 10. CPUIntel I7 7700HQ; ProperTree``OpenCore Configurator``OC\Config. The number of mentions indicates the total number of mentions that we've tracked plus the number of user suggested alternatives. 经常会有群友说是安装了ALCPlugFix后重启无法进入系统的问题,这是由于新的10. 首页 cd desktop/ALCPlugFix_swift. They're mainly required to boot a machine, either by extending OpenCore's patching ability or showing you different types of drives in the OpenCore picker (ie. OpenCore] macOS Catalina on ThinkPad X250 (WIP). Lenovo Thinkpad T450s Hackintosh Opencore is an open source software project. 声卡驱动都已经有了,只需要进入 黑果小兵的ALCPlugFix 这个文件夹,双击 install 运行即可,可以解决唤醒无声、耳机无声、耳机杂音等问题. Identify Your Model; First-time installation; Build; Upgrade · Improvements · FAQ . 刚才我前面讲了,ALCPlugFix是依赖于CodecCommander执行的,那我为什么不介绍下CodecCommander的工作原理呢,其实说白了CodecCommander里面通常执行的也是hda-verb 0x19 0x707 0x20之类的语句,只是在睡醒唤醒后CodecCommander已经无法执行hda-verb 0x19 0x707 0x20这样的语句了,而ALCPlugFix却是以. mvanastacio said: Hi! I'm using a Lenovo x1 carbon that i've bought very cheap, only for retiring my old Mac Unibody white (Core 2 Duo) and trying hackintosh. 16 updates; Update WhateverGreen to 1. ClearScreenOnModeSwitch IgnoreTextInGraphics ProvideConsoleGop ReconnectGraphicsOnConnect DirectGopRendering ForceResolution ReconnectOnResChange ReplaceTabWithSpace SanitiseClearScreen UgaPassThrough. Lenovo ThinkPad T450s Hackintosh Big Sur OpenCore. 4 on Dell Inspiron 7373 with OpenCore 0. (Switched to DW1820A 00JT494, Works under Win10 and macOS. I checked through google, and forums but didn't find how to solve th Alcplugfix opencore. Daliansky for instructions on AppleALC and ALCPlugFix. macOS on Razer Blade 15 Late 2019, Model. No mistake, you can plug the headset test. OC-little for their handy ACPI Hotpatches for OpenCore. sh Headphone/Headset volume fix Combojack(newway): cd ComboJack chmod +x install. dual gpu mode:Indisplay connects to hd630,Exdisplay connects to nvidia 1060. Acidanthera 开发的 OpenCore 和 其他驱动; Apple 开发的 macOS; lietxia 维护EFI; zxystd 开发的 itlwm; Bat. ALCPlugFix configuration for DELL G15 5510. Want to help support the guide? Well there's some ways you can help!. OpenIntelWireless for Intel WiFi drivers. 7! Most of the things work fine (I was surprised to find that sleep worked without any additional patches, like GPRW one), though. OpenCore Stable update for mechrevo 10th ver 3. Growth - month over month growth in stars. pdf from IPN 101 at National Polytechnic Institute. ALC298PlugFix``ALCPlugFix-Swift. I'm not a computer guy, very far from that actually. For audio, look into ALCPlugFix. None of this would've been possible without him!)***. Headphone/Headset volume ALCplugfix(deprecated): cd alc_fix chmod +x install. One you are done, copy the file somewhere safe (it should not be deleted as ALCPlugFix-Swift reads the config from it on boot). 此一键命令可开启接近原生的 HIDPI 设置,不需要RDM软件即可在系统显示器设置. First, you need to disable SIP: goto Recovery OS -> open Terminal and type csrutil disable (you can re-enable SIP after successfully install. In order to have perfect audio, we need to install ALCPlugFix, Download latest ALCPlugFix from my repository: github . com/rehabman/os-x-clover-laptop-config/tree/master/hotpatch2. OpenCore-Install-Guide - Repo for the OpenCore Install Guide. 这是一个完整的ThinkPad T450s macOS Big Sur + DW1820a 配置。 声卡默认layout-id = 32,耳机杂音请使用声卡修复脚本(ALCPlugFix)。. Hence, a higher number means a better VerbStub alternative or higher similarity. 57正式版)支持 此次添加了i7-8550U的OC支持,修改config名称即可,默认还是7560u,支持到10. Dortania Olarila OpenCore SlowGeek New! Tools Audio Codec : ALCPlugFix for fix headphones, Layout 3. Integrated Graphics: HD Graphics 5500. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. - The computer will reboot after about 2 min. Wifi and Bluetooth : Dell DW1550 Broadcom AR94352HMB. If everything went well, you should see the OpenCore boot menu, and you can select your "Main" disk to boot Big Sur:. 0 安装在/usr/local/bin目录下面,因为ALCPlugFix已经安装hda-verb到系统。. 传输音频声卡:正常使用,可自动切换(配合codecommander),内置mic正常,记得装ALCPlugfix,否则没人声!. 2及以后的重建缓存的命令发生了改变,部分机器会出现类似的问题。 现在我把恢复的方法公布出来,让更多的人看到,同时也在此提醒大家使用 KEXT UTILITY 这个应用程序来重建缓存。. Sound card default Layout-id = 32, earphone noise please use the sound card repair script(ALCPlugFix). T440p Oc is an open source software project. 声卡默认 layout-id = 32,耳机杂音请使用声卡修复脚本(ALCPlugFix)。 如果你想使用扩展坞上的音频接口,请将声卡 layout-id 设置为 55 ,选择线路输出。 支持触摸屏(带有多点触控和触屏手势)。 支持 Catalina。 支持 Mojave。 支持扩展坞。. xjn for "Use OpenCore to Boot Black Apple" Daliansky, bat. efi for Thinkpad T450s (20BXCT01WW) Hackintosh Catalina. Audio Codec: ALCPlugFix for headphones, Layout 3 (AppleALC kext) Ethernet Card: Realtek RT8111. Set csr-active-config to 0x0285 String in config. 7; Remove ALCPlugFix for layout-id 3 and 28; Remove static method; Adjust dictionary struct. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching. thinkpad x250 99% 完美黑苹果bigsur11. Here we download ALCPlugFix which will do our dirty work :). command 安装耳机插入状态修正守护程序; 修正Drivers64UEFI,解决无法安装问题; 更新apfs. 这时候你会欣喜的发现硬盘读出来了,但不要开心的太早,这时候你的硬盘是「只读」的。. 오디오 · ALCPlugFix zip을 데스크톱으로 추출 · 터미널을 열고 나열된 순서대로 다음 명령을 하나씩 입력하십시오. On desktop, you will see some new files appeared, now open the EDID-***-****-orig. Open Terminal and enter the following commands 1by1: Code: sudo spctl --master-disable sudo mkdir /usr/local/bin/ cd desktop/ALCPlugFix. A lightweight and easy-to-use password manager. x) - OpenCore - GitHub - valnoxy/t440p-oc: 💻 Lenovo ThinkPad T440p Hackintosh (macOS Catalina 10. Fixes MacPro7,1 memory errors on boot # Multiboot. 4 on Dell Inspiron 7373 with OpenCore 0. ALCPLugFix not working on Big Sur 11. ThinkPad T440p Hackintosh Catalina (10. kext files and made ALC256 codec run on macOS 10. You'll also need to add the kext entry in . laozhiang for handy ACPI Hotpatch on Huawei Matebooks. connecting headphones, use the sound card repair script (ALCPlugFix), found in this repository. plist ,切换到 Boot ,在 Custom Flags 添加 -lilubetaall -alcbeta. sh by navigating these folder from terminal, then type bash install. plist I got for my laptop has this. plist > Kernel > Add > and disable the 4 following kexts: VoodooI2CServices. - Once arrived on the installation screen. View Acer Aspire V 15 V5-591G [Catalina - Windows 10] - Acer - osxlatitude. Lenovo Ideapad S340 Hackintosh Catalina Opencore. DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator. plist I got for my laptop has this boot arg enabled "rtsx_mimic_linux". 2020-12-21: 2020-11-03: OpenCore0. Audio is now clear from both speakers and headphones. The HDMI port of Matebook 14 2020 is HDMI 1. A hackintosh OpenCore EFI for Huawei Matebook D (2018). sudo spctl --master-disable cd ALCPlugFix. plist + kexts ThinkPad T440p Hackintosh BigSur (11. 6? Strange, since it was working for me on Monterey. Happy to attach any files from my EFI folder if it helps! (SSDT patches are courtesy of u/ragip_mehmet***. (00100001) Controller 8086:a170 (sub-ven:1849:1204) So, according this, the mobo has Realtek ALCS1200. I have an alienware m15 R1 with a gtx 1660 ti / intel uhd630 i7-9750h. kext () - Success 14:367 00:012 OC: Prelink injection AppleALC.