monster high characters. MH character is queer | Read my DNI under #dni before interacting. The dolls are all monster teenagers based on monsters and science fiction characters that's why they are called: Monster High dolls. The Monster High doll collection can be broken up into categories – and when it’s broken up into categories, it’s easier for buyers (and players) to understand what each doll is supposed to be comprised of. Characters · Abbey Bominable · Clawd Wolf · Clawdeen Wolf · Cleo de Nile · Deuce Gorgon · Djinni "Whisp" Grant · Draculaura · Frankie Stein. Which "Monster High" Character Are You? Are you more Clawdeen or Frankie Stein? by ApothecaryBreton. She wears a long-sleeved dark blue shirt with a kind of dark-light grey skirt. 14 incarnations Abbey Bominable. Come on, let's get to know them better than ever… Draculaura Draculaura is one of the most loved characters in the game. There are also plenty of other characters that come and go throughout some of the episodes. 15 incarnations Toralei Stripe. Monster High: Boo York, Boo York (Video 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Created by Garrett Sander and made into a web series/doll line in 2010, Monster High is known for being a one of a kind brand. Under the skirt is a pair of light brown tights/ leggins. 13 Ways to Play With Monster High Dolls. Monster High Characters Png, Transparent Png is free transparent png image. Monster Lab - A Monster High Fandom Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Sea-Mares - Posea Reef 's assistants. The second season will premiere around January 2019 with 12-episodes. Although Kiyomi has no face, but is able to project a likeness of eyes and a nose to appear more human, and she also has lips and a mouth. View source History Talk (0) LGBT Characters Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. One thing that makes Monster High very popular is its display of colorful characters, all withdifferent personalities and fashionable outfits. Astranova is an alien ghoul who travels through space in a comet, which passes by Earth every 1300 years. The drama reimagines the famous doll-line of the same name as a dark coming-of-age tale in horror, witchcraft and fashion. 9 incarnations Hoodude Voodoo 5 incarnations Gigi Grant 2 incarnations Gory Fangtel 3 incarnations Jinafire Long 2 incarnations Mr. voiced by Kate Higgins and 2 others. While she believes herself to be the most beautiful and charming monster of all, in reality she is incredibly selfish and obnoxious. Like many other toy franchises, Monster High is much more than a doll line: It is a multi-platform franchise comprised of toys, DVDs, a web series, music videos, video games. Chloe Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat from the American McGee's Alice series. The dolls of Monster High are portrayed as relatives or children of famous horror characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, Medusa, and Zombies amongst others. Monster High Story Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. From our new screamium doll drops that feature fangtastic fashion trends and characters from pop skullture, to top-secret projects with dolls you already know . Allez voir la traduction française des chansons anglaises ou espagnoles si vous vous demandez pourquoi je l'ai attribuer à ce perso ^^ Et si vous ne savez to. This article contains as many of the characters from the Mattel series, Monster High. How to Create a Monster High Original Character: 12 Steps. Monster High has many characters, including students, teachers and staff at the school. In the United States, the series will premiere on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ in October 2022 alongside a Monster High live-action movie. Monster High students Amanita Nightshade Amanita Nightshade is a plant monster born from the Corpse Flower, which only blooms every 1300 years. I ranked 75 Monster High characters based on how gay their energy is. Monster High is an upcoming American 2D-animated television series produced by Mattel Television. Frankie Stein:At 15 days old, Frankie Stein is the new ghoul at Monster High. It is based on Mattel's fashion doll franchise of the same name. 'Monster High': Nickelodeon & Mattel Set Cast For TV Movie. Setiap karakter di Monster High memiliki ciri khasnya tersendiri dan membuat alur cerita menjadi seru. Some of the ones that spring to mind include Scarah . This is just an idea, please do not spread this as fact. She had always expressed wanting to attend Monster High instead of that dreaded Ever After High, because Chloe doesn't want to end up jockeying for. Monster High (2021 TV Series) is an American-Canadian Fantasy Animation reboot series following Adventures of the Ghoul Squad. February 5, 2013 (DVD/Blu-ray pack) September 6, 2013 (Nick) 6. Nominated were all of the past year's character of the month and our lovelies have made a decision! Who won is no secret, as our top three are . When Mattel first came out with the Barbie doll franchise, girls across the globe fell in love, and it skyrocketed into an important figure in the toy industry. Starring: Laura Bailey , Ogie Banks III , Cam Clark and Debi Derryberry. After being kidnapped and forced to design for Moanatella Ghostier's fashion lines in the catacombs, he was freed and reunited with Goyle by the ghouls. All of the dolls are extremely unique and everyone is some sort of monster. Cleuce (Cleo de Nile x Deuce Gorgon) Lagil (Lagoona Blue x Gil Webber) Sloulia (Ghoulia Yelps x Sloman Mortavitch) Draculeen ( Clawd Wolf x Draculaura Vike ) (my fav) Frankson (Frankie Stein x Jackson Jeykll) Frankiholt (Frankie Stein x. Bloodgood had just announced Monster High's expansion to Belfry Prep and Crescent Moon High. Ginger has short blood red hair that reaches until her shoulders, but she always ties it into two side ponytails. The success of the toy line and web series prompted the development of additional animated films, books, and video games. Monster High: The Movie is an upcoming American live-action musical film based on Mattel's Monster High franchise, which was created by Garrett Sander. The audiovisual ventures was touted as the modern-day motive to launch new doll characters in the digital era. Which Monster High Character are you? Lily 1 7 Don't kill me, but what's your favorite color (s)? Black and white Pink Gold or purple Ocean blue Gold Blue and red Ice Blue, or white Vintage Velvet Red Nile Blue Violet Orange Depends on my mood. The Coolest Schools (AXN Kids block) The Frankie Apple Power Hour. Since it's almost time for spooky season, I decided to write a post about LGBT representation regarding Monster High characters. The name she was given by her. Monster High LGBT Characters Since it's almost time for spooky season, I decided to write a post about LGBT representation regarding Monster High characters. which monster high character r u kin to. Rainbow High Krystal Bailey – Indigo Fashion Doll with 2 Complete Mix & Match Outfits and Doll Accessories. Celebrity Monsters - Characters based on real-life celebrities and personalities, who have collaborated with Monster High to promote their organizations. Like Barbie, the Monster High characters have crossed over into animated TV specials, films, and video games since their launch in 2010. She, along with Little Bo Peep and Sleeping Beauty, wrote news stories and articles. games, characters, other products, services, marketing plans, . HERE The rest of the 48 characters should be listed under secondary characters in alpha order, perhaps grouped under students, alumni, staff and others. As you would guess Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster. In the 2015 film "Boo York, Boo York", a character known as Astranova makes contact with Apple White and Raven Queen suggesting a crossover in the future. The fashion doll line also inspired video games and a series of books. She has white hair with blue, pink and purple streaks; and blue skin. Characters from the Mattel franchise, Monster High. Characters ; Frankie Stein 15 incarnations ; Draculaura 16 incarnations ; Clawdeen Wolf 16 incarnations ; Cleo de Nile 16 incarnations ; Lagoona Blue 14 incarnations . ly/TheThingsSubWATCH MORE:New Videos!: https://www. List of Monster High films. -----Share the quiz to show your results ! Facebook. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As Monster High is the sister franchise of Ever After High, so too is the Monster High Wiki the sister wiki of the Ever After High Wiki. Just because the canon characters are all the same size does not mean you can't make your OC have a different body type. Secondary pets - The pets of Monster High that are essentially fiction-only and rarely feature in more than one medium. the live-action monster high film will star miia harris (just beyond) as clawdeen wolf, ceci balagot (dispatches from elsewhere) as frankie stein, nayah damasen (grey's anatomy) as draculaura, case walker (the other two) as deuce gorgon, kyle selig (mean girls on broadway) as mr. Here is where you will learn your costume requirements for Ali's Halloween Wedding in seven years. Small Fright-Mares - The hybridized nightmares. Teeny Critters - Treesa Thornwillow's friends. It premiered on April 28, 2018. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed Community Team BuzzFeed Quiz Party!. With a colorful, diverse, and fascinating cast of characters like the Monster High girls, there is no way at all that girls and women from all over the world won’t have a brilliant time dressing them up, giving them makeovers, cutting their hair, going out on dates, decorating their rooms, playing music, and many more activities like these. An assortment of Monster High and Ever After High dolls featuring, Skelita Calaveras, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Apple White and Briar Beauty, . Ever wondered what Monster High character you were most alike, well now you can find out!. See more ideas about monster high, princess bubblegum, monster high dolls. Monster High Character Encyclopedia (English, Hardcover, DK) · Language: English · Binding: Hardcover · Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd · Genre: Juvenile . She's a real fashionista, confident and proud to be setting the styles. View source History Talk (0) Characters who appear in Monster High franchise. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Monster High. The characters of this American fashion doll franchise created by Mattel are inspired by monster movies, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, and various other creatures. 50 of these have appeared multiple times as different versions of a character across various titles/mediums. Monster High: Friday Night Frights. Deuce Gorgon (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in Volumes 1 and 2, Cam Clarke in Volume 3, Evan Smith for the rest Jackson Jekyll / Holt Hyde. Mattel-produced franchise that features primarily children of famous Universal Monsters as the main characters. Both Monster High characters will be transported to the world of Ever After High, EW can announce exclusively, where they'll team up with . Sunlight Dusk Presents: Monster Beach 20th Anniversary. Ghoulia is depicted as intelligent, sophisticated, timid, stressed out, and shy. Here, we'll name each doll, briefly describe him or her, and give you a quick run-down of each. Disney Princess Go To Monster High 86%8410 Monster High Nose Doctor 78%8045 Werewolf Girl Real Makeover 71%7477 Jenner Sisters Matching Monster High 77%6988 Disney Girls Go To Monster High 2 78%6063 Monster High Ear Doctor 78%5799 Draculaura Pregnant Check Up 82%5391 Design Your Monster High Backpack 87%4732 Disney Girls Go To Monster High 81%4699. Some people think she's mean, but secretly she has a heart of gold! play. Produced by 9 Story Entertainment, Redknot, and Mattel Animation. This section is in need of major improvement. Monster High Character Creator Wooh! Finally got this done, it has been in the works all year, but I really only started properly working on it over the last 2 months. Fanons (Fan + Canon) are a fanmade addition to the existing canon of Monster High, created by Lisi Harrison and Mattel. which monster high character are you - Personality Quiz. 8 out of 5 stars with 106 ratings. Mattell also released a Monster High web series in 2010 to promote the doll line, following the main characters’ exploits as they attend a special high school for monster sons. Bekka Madden is the main antagonist on. 7 Ghoulia Yelps 2 Supporting Characters & Antagonists 2. Monster High Photos and Premium High Res Pictures. There have also been several full-length movies starting with 2012's Monster High: Ghouls Rule. you in general terms how to play with a Monster High doll. How to Draw Iris Clops from Monster High. She’s a real fashionista, confident and proud to be setting the styles. Trending pages Characters/students Draculaura Clawdeen Wolf Cleo de Nile/Generation 1 Frankie Stein Elissabat Lagoona Blue Ghoulia Yelps All items (271) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other. Mattel's Monster High is an American fashion doll franchise launched on June 11, 2010. Monster High is a multimedia-supported doll franchise from Mattel that was launched in 2010. Careful with choosing an (Anti-)God as monster parent, you might end up creating a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu if you make them too powerful and perfect. Because they are supernatural and have powers that exceed their wolf counterparts, they can hear, see, and smell better than that of regular canines. Monster High coloring pages. Clawdeen Wolf is a lesbian character from Monster High. The Monster High doll collection can be broken up into categories - and when it's broken up into categories, it's easier for buyers (and players) to understand what each doll is supposed to be comprised of. Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can name all of these lesser known Monster High characters! When you're done, there's plenty more fangastic Monster High goodness for you here. It is directed by Todd Holland with a teleplay written by Jenny Jaffe, Billy Eddy and Matt Eddy from a story by Jaffe, Greg Erb and Jason Oremland. The new series will follow Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, and Frankie Stein as they navigate the. Casketball, *Clawtillion, *Defense Club, Fearleading, Hang tail, Polo, Swim Team (It's not on the linked list, but I know it was mentioned by a character in the webisodes 'cause Lagoona and Gil are on it), Team Sports, Water Polo. The first dolls, four single pack releases and one 2-pack, followed in two months time. Mar 28, 2020 - This is an attempt to help people identify Monster High Dolls. Consumer goods include stationery dolls, bags, key. Chloe is a somewhat bubbly and energetic girl. marmakar: “ All my fan-characters Monster High (I was given a Lillian and now she's my character too) ”. which monster high character are you. The first season premiered on April 28, 2018 and concluded on July 7, 2018. We all know Monster High style tends to lean toward the slender body shape. voiced by Laura Bailey and 1 other. house (day of the dead) as headmistress according …. She has no fear of standing for herself and for her beliefs, and protects the ones she loves with teeth and. Multiple Incarnations: 50 characters Single Characters: 145. There are close ups of their face and makeup. She was the new girl at school in the first of the cartoon episodes and the story started off revolving around her. (web series) Monster High is an animated web series based on the eponymous then-freshman American fashion doll line created by Mattel, the first adaptation since its launch, which originally aired on YouTube from May 5, 2010 to February 9, 2018. Read Monster High Zodiac from the story Characters by Zodiac by amdetmer (Allison Detmer) with 19,593 reads. The characters are inspired by monster films, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, and other monsters. The Main Monster High Characters - The Ghouls Frankie Stein Frankie Stein - The main character that we were first introduced to. Also, you must try to play this Monster High. Draculaura is best friends with Frankie Steinand Clawdeen Wolf, and is currently dating Clawd Wolf. The new series follows fan-favorite characters Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Frankie Stein as. Main characters · Frankie Stein · Draculaura · Clawdeen Wolf · Cleo de Nile · Ghoulia Yelps · Lagoona Blue. Bones Bones were added on October 23, 2013 as part of the Gore-ientation -tied profile feature. This is the main page, or the page for characters not introduced in specials. And yes, they are officially “OG”… for “ . Main Characters Frankie Stein (voiced by Kate Higgens) Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derryberry) Clawdeen Wolf Cleo de Nile Lagoona Blue Recurring Characters Nefera de Nile Spectra Vondergeist Abbey Bominable Toralei Stripe Operetta Clawd Wolf Howleen Wolf Invisi Billy Jackson Jekyll Holt Hyde Venus McFlytrap Robecca Steam Rochelle Goyle Twyla. This is fine if your OC goes along with this, but don't take this as a rule. WARNING: You may add pictures or videos in your gallery. 25 Underrated Monster High doll characters we NEED to come back! Monster High fan favorites Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf are . voiced by Salli Saffioti and 2 others. The main characters (original. When Goldie attended Ever After High, she was the editor for the school newspaper. Winged Critters - Treesa Thornwillow 's friends. Liza Diamond Frankie Stein Draculaura Batbite Clawdeen Wolf Bella Queen Cleo De Nile Abbey Bominable Lagoona Blue Venus McFlytrap Vicky Ghoulry Selena Queen Sella Queen Clair Queen Zira Mummster Spectra Vondergeist Scarah Screams Grelina Fierce Jane Boolittle Pirela Batbite Lisdeen Spider Meowla. The following have been listed on the Monster High official website: Abbey Bominable. Learn more about your favorite Monster High characters. She is the best friend of Cleo de Nile, the only other student who understands her due to no-one understanding zombie language. The series is based on Mattel's doll line of the same name. Even though her family is a bit on the dark side, Chloe maintains her balance of evil and good pretty well. Monster High is a highly successful toy franchise that is somewhat similar to the Bratz doll line, as both are comprised of edgy, fashionable characters with attitude. Monster High LGBT Characters. board "MONSTER HIGH FOR MY GIRLS", followed by 3333 people on Pinterest. Some people think she’s mean, but secretly she has a heart of gold! play. House, Scotch Ellis Loring, Steve Valentine, Jy Prishkulnik, Lina Lecompte, Justin Derickson, Lilah . A wonderful Monster High character creator made by the artist MarianasMasterpiece! I love seeing these games made by independent artists :’D. Clawd Wolf (voiced by Ogie Banks,) is the son of a werewolf who is also the seventeen-year-old brother of Deuce Gorgon. Ini Dia Daftar Karakter Monster High: Adventures of the Ghoul Squad!. Cleo de Nile is a Mummy (The ancient Egyptian sort). Monsterhighxreader Stories. Making a few enemies and lots of friends. Abbey Bominable (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald (2011-2015), Cristina Milizia (2017–present) is the daughter of the Yeti. The lineup of potential messages was updated around various special events, such as Draculaura 's Sweet 1600 and the final characters to have messages included were Twyla and Gigi Grant in Mid 2013. The series is based on a fashion doll line of the same name. Also joining the cast are Marci T. I will possibly be adding a second page for clothes to add more option but we will see how I am feeling coding more of them (snapping is a pain but I love it so much!). In just a few days #Draculaura drops in her limited-edition, scarily-stunning look! You'll be hypnotized by her coffin, crafted and finished with luxe details inspired by our favorite vampire. There are 54 characters that are on the Monster High website. Fright-Mares - The hybridized nightmares. Monster High is a popular series of dolls made by Mattel, the same company that made Barbie and herfriends. The film is produced by Mattel, the toy company behind the series, Brightlight Pictures, Dark. She is a vegetarian vampire, meaning she doesn't drink blood nor eat meat, and she appears to be hemophobic, going so far as to even avoid the word 'blood'. Here is where you will learn your costume requirements for Ali’s Halloween Wedding in seven years. Same applies to most Super Heros. Beli Monster High Dolls Online harga murah terbaru 2022 di Tokopedia! ∙ Promo Pengguna Baru ∙ Kurir Instan ∙ Bebas Ongkir ∙ Cicilan 0%. Making a few enemies and lots of friends along the way, the students find their way through. Of these, there are 6 that are classified as Original and have a prominent placement on the website. River Styxx — I ranked 75 Monster High characters based on how. Originally schooled in Brazil, she now attends Monster High, where she is really excited to make some new friends. The female characters in Monster High are referred to as Ghouls. Monster High: Fright On (2011 TV Movie) Error: please try again. 2019 Feb 11 - Explore Putri Meet's board "monster high" on Pinterest. They featured details such as rooted eyelashes and were priced at $75, and similarly were only available through the website. which monster high character r u kin to - Personality Quiz. Frankie Stein Draculaura Clawdeen Wolf Lagoona Blue Cleo De Nile Ghoulia Yelps Ghouls Abbey Bominable Spectra Vondergeist Operetta Toralei Stripe Purrsephone and Meowlody Nefera De Nile Howleen Wolf Rochelle Goyle Venus McFlytrap Robecca Steam Wydowna Spider Scarah Screams Iris Clops Jane Boolittle Amanita Nightshade Casta Fierce. #Draculaura is stepping out of her coffin and flaunting a head-turning, runway-ready look in the #MonsterHigh Haunt Couture collection!. Maths: Advanced Maths, Clawculus, Clawculus AP, Geometry, Math, Trigular Calcometry 101. Amanayara "Yara" Sirena is the brave and courageous daughter of the Iara, the Brazilian Lady of the Lake. Directed by: Steve Sacks and Dustin McKenzie. Decide on a body type for your OC. Here are beautiful drawings inspired by Monster High to print and color. Six of the Monster High characters have been classified as Original Ghouls by the official website. Monster High launched through the release of three webisodes and the website early on in May. Download and use it for your personal or non-commercial projects. There are 195 characters in the Monster High franchise on BTVA. But we are creating exactly those! So, for instance, Cruella de Vil and Harley Quinn aren't monsters. Monster High / Characters. Read the master list of characters here. Batsy Claro is an exchange student from Costa Shrieka, visiting Monster High on an exchange program. Mansters · Barker Wolf (1) · Clawd Wolf (6) · Deuce Gorgon (15) · Dracula (1) · Finnegan Wake (1) · Garrott du Roque (1) · Gillington "Gil" Webber (5) · Heath Burns (2) . Just tell us who you are to view your results ! Show my results >>. She's a highly effective organizer and a leader. According to a press release, the series is scheduled to debut in 2022 on Nickelodeon in the United States. Kiyomi is the purple-haired daughter of the Noppera-bō (Faceless Ghost). Here, we’ll name each doll, briefly describe him or her, and give you a quick run-down of each. Please help improve this article by editing it. Cupid character is featured in the Ever After High webisodes where she is an exchange student there. What are the Names of the Monster High Characters · Frankie Stein · Clawdeen Wolf · Draculaura · Cleo de Nile · Lagoona Blue · Deuce Gorgon · Ghoulia . The only confirmed possibility for a return of Monster High fully has been from Draculaura’s voice actor who’s confirmed she’s been. She has pale white skin and similar shade streaks in her long wavy black hair. We COUNT get enough of Draculaura! Add her to your skullection NOW, before she sells out, exclusively at MattelCreations. Garrett Sander developed the concept for Monster High with Kellee Riley and Glen Hanson as illustrators. This article will give you instructions on how to play with specific dolls! Feed your doll. Talk:List of Monster High characters. Frankie Stein (voiced by Kate Higgins from 2010-2015, Cassandra Morris since 2016) is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his bride. Since you are neither a werewolf nor vampire, you, along with the fear squad. Frankie Stein begins at Monster High and follows her all new body and life the first week of high school. Lycanthrope Enhancement: Werewolves are able to make. She wears a pair of boot-like heels. Watch Monster High: Welcome to Monster High. 99 ; Monster High Ghouls' Getaway Jinafire Long Doll · $47. View Mobile Site Follow on IG Newsletter Join Fan Lab. Add to your skullection, FRIDAY 4/8 @ 9am PT on Mattel Creations! #MonsterHighCollector. 3 Clawdeen Wolf · 2 Monster High Students. Here are all of the couples in Monster High Short Movies. Super Senses: Werewolves have the extremely keen and heightened senses of smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch inherent in all canines. B · Category:Backgrounders · Barker Wolf · Bartleby Farnum · Batsy Claro · Bay Tidechaser · Beetlejuice · Bekka Madden · Billy Phaidin. Monster High is an upcoming animated television series produced by Mattel Television, with Shea Fontana serving as the showrunner. Rotter 7 incarnations Ramses de Nile 2 incarnations Porter Geiss Sirena Von Boo 2 incarnations Neighthan Rot 2 incarnations Cupid 4 incarnations Scarah Screams 2 incarnations Astranova Luna Mothews Raven Queen Slow Moe. She also always wears black nail polish. Its story revolves around the terrific teenage descendants of the world's most famous monsters as they brave the trials and tribulations of a mixed-creature high school in a world that's barely ready for that. Top five favorite monster high characters · Abbey- she is beautiful, strong, confident, straightforward, and ice powers are amazing · Toralei- . A fashion designer from Scaris, and Rochelle Goyle's boyfriend from before she moved from Scaris to Monster High. Other Miscellaneous characters - Every character or group of characters that cannot readily be placed on the student or adult subpages. Mattel's New “Monster High” Dolls Play On Old-School Stereotypes Mattel's Barbie never had her own kids, but the toy company isn't opposed to . Collection List of the Monster High Doll Line (Updated 2022). Monster High: New Ghoul at School (2010 TV Movie) Error: please try again. 7 KIIS FM's Annual Teen Choice Pre-Party at W Los Angeles - Westwood on Monster High dolls are seen during the annual 'Dream Toys' fair on October 27, 2010 in London, England. voiced by Debi Derryberry and 3 others. 145 characters have appeared in only a single title. Monster High Dolls ; Monster High Sweet 1600 Cupid Doll · $249. Monster High" Episode 1103 -- Pictured: Adam Milicevic, Logan Long --. Nice that they're still putting out Monster High but this isn't believable if you know any back story on the characters! (Draculaura doesn't get he vampire powers till much later after the meeting of Frankie Stein after "New Ghoul In School" and Frankie Stein is only 18 days old in the real story line. Monster High Characters Png, Transparent Png. In 2022, Mattel presented a new Monster High line called "Haunt Couture" (wordplay on "haute couture") which consisted of three new collector dolls: the three main characters of Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, and Draculaura. But despite all this, she is seen as a kind monster and helps those in need of her, she also is known to easily get the truth out of other monsters which also gives her a detective/reporter complex. Also made by Mattel Inc, Monster High features a series of high fashion dolls inspired by horror stories from various cultures. See more ideas about monster high, monster, monster high characters. Bratz is a fanfiction series based on the doll-line of the same name. Duece gorgon ( Don't say its a date because Cleo will be Pissed) Lagoona Blue ( Okay I guess) Nefera de Nile ( I'll have 2 meet Cleo first) Mousecedes King (Yay!) Avea Trotter (Alrighty) Sirena Von Boo. The series follows a group of teenage children of famous monsters in media and film as. Fangs and Howls [Bram x Reader x R by Liliana. Created by Garett Sander, Monster High has been immensely popular with…. She's a huge bookworm and is very intellectual; all of her fellow students call her the smartest ghoul at Monster High. As you would guess Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster. Amanayara is brave, courageous and fearless, just like her mother. She is called "Lala" and "Ula D" by her friends. Kiyomi Haunterly is a character in Monster High who debuts in the TV Special "Haunted". Monster High (TV Series 2010–2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Draculaura is the 1,600-year old daughter of Count Dracula. Frankie is the sweetest and kindest girl at Monster High, believing strongly that everyone's flaws make them unique. Singer Jordin Sparks poses with character Gooliope Jellington at the 102. Goldilocks, also known as Goldie, is the main character from the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears and is the mother of Blondie Lockes. I also used another site to help identify dolls with their clothes & accessories. If you enjoy playing Monster High: Character Creator, you might be excited to find out that there are 24 more Monster High games you can try! The most popular is Creeptastic Catacomb Adventures, and the most recently added is Electrified Photo Booth. characters first row from right to left: ghoulia yelps, nefera de nile, cleo de nile, deuce gorgon, abbey bominable . As her name suggests that she is a Dracula, she really is the adopted daughter of Dracula. The main dolls — the Optimus Primes and Bumblebees, if you will — are the OG Monster High characters. The original creator confirmed on Instagram that they. Monster High LGBT Characters Since it’s almost time for spooky season, I decided to write a post about LGBT representation regarding Monster High characters. These additions range from fan creations such as characters and locations all the way to additional stories, lore and universe rules. Select from 55703 printable Coloring pages of cartoons, animals, nature, Bible and many more.