semi truck shakes at 55 mph. at 45 mph it shakes the whole truck. With being a stacker it is very high and short with an all up weight of around 23,000 pounds loaded with tools, cars and including the truck. That data consists of the ring gear and …. ) rotate the front drive shaft 180 degrees to reach the other 4 bolts and remove them. In general, it takes an 18-wheeler 40 percent longer to come to a complete stop than an average car. may turn left but must yield right …. As a result of centrifugal force, the 6 oz. A car weighs 988kg when empty and 1224kg when John, his sister Jane, and their. posted 11-20-2008 02:30 PM ET (US) In 2006, the Michigan Legislature amended the speed limit for passenger vehicles towing trailers. 7 Causes of Steering Wheel Shaking (at Low and High Speeds). To put it simply, if you want to survive a head-on collision, the best way to do so is to avoid getting into one to begin with. That number grows exponentially as they increase in speed. The one thing you might not be thinking about is your new truck’s “break-in” period. ) Take the truck out of 4-low (or jack up the front wheels) 4. I could not hold on to the steering wheel and I was sandwiched in between semi trailers at 2am. 2015 f350, horrible front end suspension issues, sometime the truck shakes me from one lane into the other on a curved highway at speeds between 50 and 70. A vibration that has a "sweet spot" at a certain speed range is a classic symptom of harmonic modulation caused by a small bend. New brake rotors may solve the problem, or an on-car brake lathe can machine. My old truck which is not a Mack (Don't shoot!) has a terrible driveline vibration between 50 and 70 mph. These brake pads and rotors work great so far. The table shows that the semi-trailer, full trailer combination has the largest minimum inside turning radius (22. Help A study compared the speed x, in miles per hour and the average fuel economy y (in miles per gallon) for cars. Required Equipment: Safety chain, breakaway switch, fire extinguisher in RV, flares or reflective signs, brakes on gross weight towed vehicle or trailer …. A truck can transport either 9 bags or 7 wooden boxes. Our speed limits in Texas are fast and I would hate to have this truck …. The fine for a violation of Vehicle Code 22406 VC can range from $285. net supports you 100% of the way with this step. Engine mount replacement should only be done by a certified technician from a trusted auto shop. 9,000 pounds – 6,000 pounds – 1,190 pounds = 1,810 pounds payload capacity. Unfortunately, a driver can't. Because of the varying limits. The smaller, lower-profile Subaru was less expensive to fuel — $11. So when I picked it up, I asked if I could go on a test drive with the mechanic on a smooth road, but they didn't want any part of it and told me to take it to another dealer. That amount goes up to $95 for driving 35 mph above the limit. Basic Info About Balancing Beads. The vehicle is a 1996 Voyager Rallye with a 3. Ok so i went and had the road force balance done. At first it was only one or two times since this friday - all the time when I drive between 55-65. Rear-End Accidents Without Damage. On/Off-Highway Drive Axle Radial. I was at it about an hour and a half. The symptoms usually occur driving at speed, say 65 to 70 mph, and sometimes as low as 55 mph (but not often at that speed). It has a heavy duty base with 4 screw hole and thick arm which minimize the vibrate plus a strong spring to hold my phone. Here is a more detailed list of the 5 most common causes of steering wheel shakes. A box (150 kg) sits inside the trailer of a semitruck traveling at a speed of 15 m/s (~ 33 mph). 12:55 13:50 14:30 Teacher Organizer Answers Surfers, Cheetahs, and Elephants oh my! Momentum is inertia in motion. **Freightliner, Western Star, Sterling Semi Trucks with issues of bouncing and shaking from 45 to 80 mph. 64 gears; 62 mph=1390 rpm, 65 mph=1450 rpm, 70 mph=1625 rpm. This can cause the tipping over or separation of the trailer and maybe even the truck or car too. Honestly, the answer to this depends on a lot of factors. Plenty of white vehicles including large white trucks. Link to post Share on other sites but then, I put together a set of winter tires, and there was soon a very subtle "shaking" around 50 to 55 mph (that would go away at 60+ mph. This is the whole car vibrating. For example, if driving a 60-foot vehicle at speeds over 40 mph…. If a driver follows the 11-hour driving limit and takes their required 30-minute break, at an average of 60 mph…. At a speed of 60 miles per hour the tire revolutions per mile would be an average of 550 revolutions per minute. Grote® 2" Beehive Grommet/Bracket Mount Clearance Marker Light. I own a 1998 Chevrolet C3500 dually (bought used in 2002) that had a vibration/shake from the time I purchased the truck. These are probrably the most popular ratio…. 131 bridge said a white SUV was tailgating the truck moments before the crash. The resonant vibration (accompanied by an irritating low and oscillating hum) causes the whole car to vibrate to include a harmonic vibration of the exhaust plumbing that makes a NASTY sound. Once it returns to its idle state, press the brake pedal all the way and shift. It only happens between the speeds I mentioned. Car Shakes When Stopped Or Idling? (Here's How To Fix It). 5-ft-wide, 9-ft-high, 53-ft-long rectangular box. on May 23, 2016 My truck has been shaking and vibrating when I drive at around 50 mph. Vehicle Wobbles At 15 to 20 Miles Per Hour (mph). The ambient air is at 1 atm and 80 degree F. Not enough tongue weight -10 to 12 percent of the trailer's weight must be on the tongue (where it hitches to your vehicle). Higher than 55 it softens out, but can still f … read more. The stiff linen square-woven fabric is thus replaced by the more pliable cord fiber fabric. Initially since we came to a quick stop from highway pace, I wasn't sure whether the car behind me or the car behind him was going to stop in time, so I moved a little left to give myself a chance to move left and get out of the way in case the cars behind me. Change one and all four are affected. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats. Sometimes this yoke run-out problem can be improved by rotating the U-joint 180-degrees in the rear end differential yoke. The left rear corner of the bed is shaking pretty bad, but the rest of the truck …. (WFLA) — A Palm Harbor man was arrested Thursday after troopers say he was street racing on US-19. I drive 62miles through Atlanta twice a day, to and from work, 5 days week, on 285, 75/85, and 400. FACT: After fully applying the brakes, a loaded freight train traveling 55 mph takes a mile or more to stop and an 8- car passenger train traveling 80 mph requires about a mile to stop. The stopping distance for a tractor-trailer that is fully loaded on dry pavement going at 60 mph …. Steering Wheel shakes at 45. Several witnesses told investigators a southbound semi truck traveling an estimated 60 mph had struck seven vehicles, running over some of them, Trooper Calvin Dye said. Brakes may also be involved if they are dragging, always partially applied due to a mechanical or hydraulic fault. Offer valid in Soma® boutiques (including outlets), at soma. Dec 10, 2020 · SUV, Semi-Truck Involved In Violent Crash On I-90 In Schaumburg. Exceeds the speed limit by 1-9 miles per hour, a ticket will cost approximately $285. Since then the truck starts to shake violently at around 35-40 mph and then jerks when I let off the gas pedal. cause vibration below 50 - 55 mph (80 - 88 km/h). Front end vibrates under acceleration and cruising between the speeds of 65 and 80 mph. — The process that can be used to address a condition called driveshaft/universal joint cancellation, often referred to as adjusting pinion angle. This will produce a whine noise at high speed. John Kuntz/Plain Dealer fileBeginning today, semis may now go 65 mph on the state's rural and suburban interstate highways. Calculate the hours by a factor of 60 to approximate the miles accumulated on the engine. U-Pack rates include fuel, so no surprises at the pump. 6L 4X4 When the truck is traveling between 35 and 45 mph, I get a shimmy, shaking that feels and sounds like it is either in the front …. A pedestrian was struck and killed by a semi-truck in Delta County on Sunday, according to a news release from the Delta Police Department. More so, faulty spark plugs can be the culprit here; since they play an important role in deciding how the engine works. Vibration on acceleration can be a little scary. Lower the speed limit by 10 mph or less. In this case, it would be 1/2*m*20 2 - 1/2*m*0 2. No new tires, rims or anything added. (WTNH) - Dashcam video from a Connecticut highway shows a speeding car clocked at 120 mph crash into a pizza truck, causing it to roll over. Vibration at highway speeds 75MPH. A wind gust to 55 mph was measured at Knoxville's McGhee Tyson Airport just before 5 a. The PowerFlite transmission is air-cooled, as is the torque converter. Loss of power at 50mph + Engine and truck shake and roar at highway speeds exceding 60 mph. Coming soon to CarMax Bloomington, IL. The trailer of the truck can be considered …. Dave Crooks and DeWayne Shake broadcasting from the IHSAA state finals. We can cure this for you with our Brake Drum Balancing Service. 55 ratio Stock Number 5002 MLS Number 11154148 Last Updated 4/28/2022 Location Defuniak Springs, FL, US Sold By I-10 Truck …. Also just put on Nitto 285/70/17 terra grapplers. A: In the Roadshow poll on the 55-mph speed limit for big rigs and vehicles pulling trailers, 147 responses roared in. ~ Remove the connecting hose, air cleaner and electrical connector from above the sensor. Broken or weak shocks, tie rods, wheel bearings and other components will make your truck's weight distribute unevenly and cause a vibration. For a truck driving at 60 mph on dry pavement, the stopping distance is around 335 feet. A: My first suggestion is to have the tires inspected and rebalanced. Take the current per-gallon price of diesel ($2. The ride is rather smooth up to that speed and then again after 62-65 mph. Did the problem follow the tires. As such, all pickup trucks with a bed, regardless of the truck size/rating. Transcribed image text: Consider a semi truck traveling at 55 mph on the freeway. The SUV came to rest mostly in the eastbound lane, with the dump truck …. I have been battling this problem for a long time. I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab with 5. Factors Affecting Truck Fuel Economy 63 Vehicle and Engine Design 64 Vehicle Operation 67. So the issue im having is i get vibration at 55-60MPH i did my fair share of searching the forums and googling it. Around 15 minutes after starting my truck, when turning around slowly or …. But vibration in the body/seats is always there at/around 50-70mph. When you lift a truck you cause positive camber. The Hurricane City Police department confirmed that these images “are consistent with a single vehicle traffic accident that occurred on State Route …. Worn rotors are the most common cause of shaking while braking. The average driver has a reaction time of ¾ second to 1 second. I've had a bounce in my rear end (No jokes you perverts) since I bought my truck in 2006. I have had it aligned and I just put on brand new wheels and tires. " A suspected drunk driver is accused of a series of traffic crimes in Austin, Minnesota, which culminated in a high-speed crash that saw his pickup truck …. You may find that the car shakes the car in an up and down motion. I am trying to figure out where I am getting a vibration and shake in my steering wheel. Exhaust system too close to transmission. The semi-truck then made its way to the intersection of Eighth Street and Centinela Avenue where it struck a stop sign. This is the vibration you feel as you speed up and slow down. i put the old tps back in and it still shakes in overdrive. It’s one of the best RC trucks …. One good rule for how much space you should keep in front of you is at least 1 second for each 10 feet of vehicle length at speeds below 40 mph. Numerous significant wind gusts of 70+ mph were reported west of the Mississippi River, including a handful of destructive gusts of 80-85 mph. It’s a different type of moving service — you pack and load, and we handle the driving. The semi-truck then headed westbound on Driftwood Drive, hitting a stop sign and two power poles along the roadway, causing the power lines to fall into the street, Mason said. Operating consistently under 20 MPH. Go ahead, invest in a heavy-duty electric air pump that's built to last. People ask me about it and I recommend this cell holder. OT: Anyone familiar with the Ford LCF (cab-over) trucks with the 4. Ata rests a ar and a e iated an atrs t inde …. It usually indicates a problem with your brakes, one of your car's most critical safety systems. VIDEO: Brake checker bullies a big rig. The four-tonne Peterbilt Semi …. If they happened to travel 65 miles per hour (mph) the whole time, that’s 715 miles maximum. This is the speed zone when tyre/wheel out of balance begins to take effect. I have a new 08 F150 that shakes/bounces pretty bad at 55-58 mph. به گزارش ایرنا، در این جلسه که با حضور فرماندهان و مسوولان لشکری و کشوری برگزار شد از خدمات هفت ساله عباس حسینی پویا به عنوان دادستان سابق عمومی و انقلاب خوزستان و نیز از خدمات ۳۱ ماهه حجت الاسلام و المسلمین مرادی. Could Be A Couple Of Things, Ujoints, Carrier Bearing, Drivelines Out Of Balance, Flat Spot In A Tire. With our RPM calculator, you can calculate your engine's RPM based off of your vehicle's speed, tire diameter, rear gear ratio, and transmission gear ratio. Once it is clogged, it is going to cause you problems. It only happens between 65 to 70 mph but it is a fairly bad vibration. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 18, 2016. Step 1 - Simple test for worn out shock absorbers. I have a 2001 Nissan Altima it makes a short (less that a second) hissing noise ever so ofter and when it does the car kind of hesitates or hiccups ever so slightly. It seems to happen when I'm just giving enough gas to maintain speed. An engine needs air, fuel, and spark to run. Move out from the 30 mph line until you hit the curve at about 40'. 285 Iowa’s speed regulations are based on the same basic speed law that is used in all 50 states: …. Now this only happens when you are slowing down and when you hit 25mph is when you feel it. If you’re eager to get the best gas mileage possible, do not exceed speeds of over 65 miles per hour. California regulators have approved new rules that would see a massive shift from conventional gas and diesel trucks and vans to ones powered by batteries and zero-emission hydrogen fuel cells. The most obvious culprit is tire problems, especially the ones that are out of balance. Mph Shakes 70 At Ford Explorer. “Speed rated tires above 75 mph …. For example, the cap on noneconomic damages in Maryland for truck accident cases was between $875,000 and $2,187,500 in 2020. It is 100% not the tires already had that checked out. I am getting vibrations at 70-80 mph. Locked in front, LSD in the rear. Older models seemed to have an issue with their Vortec engines that caused an otherwise problem-free shake at idle. As I slowed and pulled off the interstate the truck continued to bounce (shake). Passenger car at 65 mph at 25 ft (77 dB); freeway at 50 ft from pavement edge 10 a. Big changes on I-40 and I-640 has everyone talking. Problem: Driveline / driveshaft vibration. this at least might help narrow down which end is vibrating. Whichever the cause, it is best to resolve the issue early on before it gets worse. Today my truck left me on the shoulder driving 8-10 MPH. What I'm getting at is get a friend to rock the wheel and look for looks stuff starting at the steering shaft coming out of the truck …. In this video I am assuming there. Lee County, IA- A Donnellson man has been sentenced to up to 50 years in prison in connection with a crash that killed two people. 2017 chevy silverado humming noise. A better dealership would have identified the problem earlier. com free look-up to see what the laws are in California for trailers. I just bought a used 2002 Ford Ranger. The Failure Mileage Was 30,000 And The Current Mileage Was 68,000. At wind speeds of 15 to 20 MPH the effect increases dramatically. 5280: Number of feet an average size (150 car) freight train takes to stop at 55 mph In 2006, statewide, Louisiana has143 crashes at railroad crossings …. What Happens When You Let That Grinding Noise Go on Too Long. finally was tol it was the 10 spd trans causeing. A little play there can allow the slightest imbalance to get aggressive. I had the 5 ah it came with on the charger at the time. Truck shakes after hitting 50-60 mph. Posted speeds override statutory standards. The witness said he watched the semi-truck aggressively change lanes and pass other drivers who were going over 70 mph. I was driving along and all of sudden the vehicle started shaking and making noise. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Begins Production Today! Ford officially kicks off its 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck production today (Apr 26, 2022). 15 Complaints: 2004 GMC Envoy Engine Problems. The sleek electric truck, with a 0. Re: My jeep wrangler shakes at 55 mph. I checked all the steering components to find. Like any other part in your vehicle, the transmission control module can experience problems. Second gear was the highest it would 1993 Jeep Laredo wont go over 20 mph. SOMETHING VIBRATES (bad vibrations at 50-55 …. It seems to happen when I’m just giving enough gas to maintain speed. Ask any car or truck owner in Albuquerque who they recommend. It has an annoying vibration between 45 and 55 MPH. LAEGENDARY Remote Control Car - 4x4 Off Road RC Cars for Adults & Kids - Battery-Powered, Hobby Grade, Waterproof Truck - Reaches up to 30+ MPH …. I apologize for the long write up gang, but I hope this helps some of you out there who have not considered their vibration issues coming from a …. At low speeds or any speeds really, the tires can be the cause of any shaking. It also may feel like driving over rough pavement or rumble strips. Balance, tires, alignment – nothing helped. Check engine light flickers and the engine loses acceleration. It doesnt do it at acceleration below 50 or above 55. owned three months, didn't take it on the highway until after i forked over the money, and now i'm paying for it. CB Radio – Trucker Slang Definitions. Authorities stated the rear of the truck "almost was completely sheared off. I have had the tires balanced but I get the same shake. So, if the car takes a time #t# to reach the truck…. I have a 2007 Tundra (bought used at 132K in 2017) and I have the same vibration at 20-25 mph…. Emerson MotorSports 7408 Pacheco School Rd. 3 z71 model any help here terina totts wisconsin User Rank: 726 Posts: 1 …. It is possible for tire shake to occur ONLY during braking. So far what I have tried is getting putting my winter tires on instead of my 18", then getting the wheels balanced, replacing, and the passanger side axle. You may want to use our Vehicle Stopping Distance Calculator to do actual model calculations. Common Issues With 2015-2017 Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks. UPDATE (10am) I-90 west has been reopened at exit 29A. His Model S had Autopilot engaged as it drove northbound on Highway 27A in northern Florida. So, is this just something wrong with my tires or is there a more. Uneven wear on the tire is what you should look for when this problem arises. A trucker must look well ahead to make sure that there is enough room to make these moves safely. However, a Ford Explorer is 16 times as likely as the typical family car to kill occupants of another vehicle in a crash. I had all the tires balanced at the dealership, which didn't fix the problem. Garmin 010-02062-00 Dash Cam Mini, Car Key-Sized Dash Cam, 140-Degree Wide-Angle Lens, Captures 1080P HD Footage, Very Compact with Automatic Incident Detection and Recording. It's best to apply in a straight line from left to right and from top to bottom. Tire size, gear ratio, mph and rpm weave an intricate pattern of performance. Watch Tesla Model S Plaid 1:28. A standard guideline is as follows: Speeding – MPH over not specified = 2 points. He said the truck appeared to be going 50-55 mph at the point of. 4GHZ Hobby Grade Remote Control …. If the shocks are still good, the truck will move slightly and then center itself. Widespread severe wind gusts occurred with a line of thunderstorms that progressed eastward through the area during the evening of 12/15/2021. The idea here is that the distance they travel until the car overtakes the truck is the same for both the car, and the truck. The performance of the Porsche 992 Turbo S was way …. A wheel and tire assembly that is out of round will have a specific harmonic frequency as it spins, depending on how many bends it has, the severity of the bends, the degree of tire wear , and other factors. Re: Truck shakes/vibrates at 55-70 mph Ok so what i ment to say was he TOLD me that the owner before him had gotten into an accident. I think it sounds more like a large, hollow, plastic box vibrating like crazy. Wait for a few minutes for the engine to warm up, then gently press the accelerator twice and rev up the engine. It can also be due to faulty brake rotors, especially if it happens when braking. Realize it can take a train traveling 55 mph up to a mile to come to a complete stop. I believe I have warped front rotors, because of a shake/shimmy when I am slowing down to stop. Lately there has been some vibration around 40-55 mph when driving, it is intermittent and hard to …. The dealership has ruled out front end, wheels, tires, rotors, and drive shaft/line They are asking Ford engineering for help. Wind and drafts Trailer sway can be a result of crosswinds, drafts from passing semi-trucks or descending hills using incorrect braking technique, according to Mark Polk in his RV Tech Tips series on RVTravel. Here is a quick and easy guide on how you can find out why your car or steering wheel shakes when going between 55-75 MPH. Summarized here are the California Vehicle Code (CVC) sections related to highway lane use for trucks. Driving down Hwy 65 at 75 mph and hit pot holes and I thought I was going to die. It is the product of an object's mass and its velocity. Brown orders flags to half-staff on Saturday. Motor vehicle crashes are the 1st or 2nd leading cause of death in every major industry group. It was not significant or damaging in any way and didn't lead to the feelings of sickness associated. The vibration will come and go one . A shaking steering wheel is an early symptom of many common car problems ranging from simply needing new brake pads to more serious suspension issues. It was a windy day in the Mojave Desert late last year when Axicle Engineering tested its fifth-wheel prototype designed to end tractor-trailer rollovers. Problems in your vehicle's suspension can cause the truck to vibrate. Vibrations problems must be diagnosed accurately and corrected. The problem is this: when driving between 35 and 45 mph, the car feels like it's hitting rumble strips. Dodge Ram Vibration/Pulsation/Bouncing. 6L Ecoboost Engine, 6 Speed Select Shift Auto Trans, 45,000 miles. Emergency crews responded Wednesday afternoon to the semi-truck …. Leaf Springs & Suspension Authority Since 1965! Call us: 1-888-829-0619 Contact Us My …. These calculators are designed to give the approximate engine RPM (revolutions per minute) based on data entered. Buying a semi truck in some ways is like buying any car -- you have to be careful about your purchase and consider all of your needs. I took my dog to a dog show in Indiana from Wisconsin. For a few months now I have had vibration that sounds more or less like a bad wheel bearing at speeds around 70-75 MPH. My truck will shake like crazy at any speed above 60mph. 7 % (a) For all collisions where no external forces are involved, the linear momentum vec p = m cdot vec v is conserved. The truck I drive is a gas f250, 2016 xl super cab long bed 4×4. Check that you have not lost any wheel weights. which provide the required vertical vibration frequency and the chassis damping factor for the. The driver of the Pitt Ohio Express truck was pinned in his cab. Good advice to measure with a tape measure and a straight edge to see if something is bent. A dump truck, also known as a dumper truck or tipper truck, is used for taking finer material such as sand, gravel, or …. Goodyear truck tires help provide rugged off-road traction, on-road handling, rugged toughness, and comfort. A good truck operator will look at least 12 to 15 seconds ahead. On most interstates, cars' speeds are regulated at 65 mph, but in those vast stretches of freeway through the deserts and valleys of California, cars can travel up to 70 mph, while trucks must maintain a statewide 55 mph speed limit. Shakes at 55 to 70 MPH The 1973 - 1987 Chevrolet & GMC Squarebody Pickups Message Board Shakes at 55 to 70 MPH - The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck …. But it wasn't windy enough for founder and CEO Steve Krug to prove that his design could save lives and stop semi-truck rollovers. g-Acceleration Calculator - Linear Motion. First order driveshaft vibration is usually caused by a component rotating at the same speed as the driveshaft that's out-of-round or out-of-balance. However lately, we have been seeing an increase in the number of drivers complaining on the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline of a Ford F-150 vibration …. 11 In Wyoming, the speed limit may be increased to 80 mph …. If your car or truck has a quick rumbling shake at certain speeds, or if it starts up and runs smooth for a while, but starts shaking in the front after you drive it a bit, there is probably something keeping your engine from running properly. There is no problem below 55 MPH and also no shaking above 60MPH!. The result can be a tire that is no longer able to roll smoothly down the road; instead, it bounces slightly. Watch: Car going 120 mph crashes into pizza truck, causes. Here’s a quick rundown on five possible causes: Excessive lateral rotor runout or a variation in rotor thickness (warped brake rotors) Many modern cars have disc brakes at all four corners, though some have discs. I especially feel the shaking through the steering wheel. The shaking will grow with the increase of speeds. Average acceleration is 60 mph per 5 seconds which equals 12 mph per second and equates to +0. 55 miles per hour (89 km/h) speed limit sign being erected in response to the National Maximum Speed Limit. Click the image above to view the video. At the other end of the spectrum, Texas has some roads where the truck speed limit is 85 mph…. I have not had it over 70 MPH so I do not know if it picks up again above that. The shakes seam to be coming from the rear of the truck. The lawsuit includes current and former owners, as well as lessees of 2005 to 2019 Ford Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickups. also check radius arm bushings. Help With A Driveline Vibration. Even though the forces are equal in magnitude on the two trucks, the smaller truck …. 24/7 height reduction to 15' 7" beginning 6am, …. A combination of fibers - including aramid fibers, six times stronger than steel - help automatically seal punctures from objects up to 6,4 millimeters (1/4") in diameter that penetrate the tire tread. I had the same problem but the shaking would start around 30 mph, I jacked the truck …. The amount of acceleration is equal to the velocity of the car squared divided by the radius of the turn: Let's run the numbers: 230 mph is 337 feet per …. I get a really bad vibration between 40-50mph (rpm 1200-1400). Kind of ignored it for a while, seemed to be worse when the truck …. We can help make sure you get the repairs you need, saving you the cost of additional repairs you don't need. Re: Vibration at 30 to 40 mphmine is at 20-25mph.