smugmug fire apparatus. com, your source for nicely posed photos of fire apparatus from all over the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We travel around, both in our home country The Netherlands, as well as other countries to capture images of fire trucks. Reedy Creek Fire and Emergency Services - Gulf Coast Fire Photography. OSHKOSH WI, WITTMAN REGIONAL AIRPORT 314. Welcome to fyrpix, My name is Timothy J. Baltimore County Fire Department. O'Hare Field FRI Visit August 2013. net Thanks for stopping by John Degenhardt. Welcome to North Shore Fire Apparatus and Fireground photos This site features photos of apparatus both modern and antique as well as fire scene photos from the North Shore area of Massachusetts. Fire Apparatus "On The Street". Stein aka "Fyrpix" My interest in the fire service began in 1980 a few years after my father had passed away when a Cudahy firefighter (the community in which I lived) took me under his wing and introduced me to the world of firefighting. MY PHOTO SHOOTING SEASONS BY YEAR 2010 THRU 2018. Photos of fire scenes and apparatus, mostly around the Metro Boston area and northeast united states. Sussex County Fireman's Association Annual Inspection. New Hampshire Fire Trucks & Stations. OCEAN CITY FIREMANS CONVENTIONS FROM THE YEARS 2016 TO 2019. 2022 Fire and Apparatus Photos. FDNY and Various Apparatus including EMS Vehicles. ApparatusBlack and White images BFD and other Faces of people I have met over the years. Ladder on Long Island, former Whitman Maxim Ladder truck Engine 42 Emergency One. Current Baltimore City Fire Apparatus – Part III. Engine 4 & Rescue 1 - May 2007. The images that are posted on my site feature fires, emergency incidents, fire apparatus and fire station photography. Young produced the first four-door, raised-roof cab pumper to the Bailey's X Roads Fire Department in 1983. My many photos of fire apparatus, law enforcement vehicles, real life incidents, and training sessions can be found here. My name is Kevin "hungrybus" Ryer and have been a avid Fire/Emergency Vehicle Photographer for many years. Metalcraft Marine Firestorm 32 - Fire Boat 15. NEW UPDATES- 3/29-Franklin Park, Middlebush and North Branch's new engine have been added to the Somerset County, NJ gallery. Thank you for your support and enjoy the site. If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail [email protected] I will add to the gallery as I take more shots. Vernon, Ct Wet Down Ceremony 9/30/12. Greenwood Lake Fire Department. before joining the East Hartford, Ct. Photos of NH fire trucks and stations. Purchase of photographs from this site, shall be for personal use only. Hi, I'm Joseph Ciscone and I have been a freelance photographer for over 42 years. Out of State Fire Apparatus. II, and CHOICEFIRE Trading Car d s. Welcome to my page Virginia Fire Trucks. Each catagory features the newest photos up first followed by the older ones. Photos taken by Adam have appeared in Firehouse Magazine, Fire Engineering, Fire Apparatus and Equipment Magazine, Fire Apparatus Journal, 1st Responder Newspaper and Fire News. I have years of photos to upload so I hope you enjoy them and keep stopping back. A second bay door was also added to the back (north. Stephen Nurn Fire Photography Fire/EMS/police photography Automotive photography. Photo shared by Thomas on July 20, 2021 tagging . NON-MUNICIPAL & INDUSTRIAL FIRE DEPARTMENTS BY STATE. HUNGRYBUS FIREGROUND PHOTOGRAPHY. NOT Affiliated with any department. 45th anniv of the Hotel Vendome Fire. I dont have much now but will add to this gallery as I shoot more rigs. My name is Tyler Tobolt and I've been around the fire service for years now, and love going to scenes to take photos of apparatus and the incident iself. NJ Air National Guard 177th CFR Apparatus from New Jersey on 04. American-LaFrance 1931 200 Pumper 1000 gpm St Paul. Over the course of these years I have been fortunate to buff many fire throughout the New England area and beyond. Featuring LA County Fire Apparatus from all over the county! From the cliffs of Palos Verdes to the dessert floor of Lancaster & Castaic. Phoenix, Arizona Sky Harbor International Airport 2013 Oshkosh Striker 4500 8x8 ARFF 4500 Water - 630 Foam - 550 lbs Dry Chem. 2nd alarm dwelling fire,24 New St. Phoenix, Arizona 2020 Pierce Impel 1500/500/40A Job #34711-05. CHICAGO SEAGRAVE LADDER AERIAL FIRE APPARATUS. Large Animal Rescue, Barre 4-22-2022. 1965 Maxim 1000-500, E32 Hillsdale, NJ. My name is Jay Lynch, Here you will find my fire related photos, Apparatus, Training Activities and Fire ground, That I have taken over the years from Western New York. Boston, 2nd Alarm, 28 Osceola St 06/08/2020. Northrop Grumman FD, Melbourne. My name is Patrick Dooley and I currently work as a public safety dispatcher. My name is Bob Myers and I have been involved in fire photography for 40 years. Welcome to Wetherhold Photography. CHICAGO FIRE DEPARTMENT APPARATUS. Truck Info · Type: MVP Rescue Ladder · Chassis: Cinder - Cummins ISL9 450 hp engine, Allison 3000 EVS transmission, 218” wheelbase; 37' 8. I'm a proud member of East Haven Firefighters Local 1205 of the IAFF. I'm a career Firefighter in the Anne Arundel County Fire Department in Maryland. I have been a firefighter for over 20 years and grew up in a firefighting family. Mobile Site · Photo Sharing · About SmugMug · Browse Photos · Prints & Gifts · Terms . Currently serve as an Instructor for the Northeastern IL Public Safety Training Academy "NIPSTA" in Glenview, IL and McHenry County College in Grayslake, IL Am a member in good standing of the. Clifton NJ Engine 5/Truck 2 Engine 5 - 2009 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/500gwt Truck 2 - 2010 Pierce Arrow XT 95' Midmount Platform. All images on this site are ©NJtoAZPhotography unless otherwise stated and must have written permission to use these photographs. CHICAGO ENGINE 95 - 2005 SPARTAN/CRIMSON 1500/500 #FDD628. 2015 FRANKENMUTH MI FIRE MUSTER. All galleries can be found in the Apparatus Photos section. This site contains the apparatus photos of John Degenhardt and Paul Barrett. The department currently includes 44 Fire Stations serving 278 Square Miles. Welcome to Jersey Shore Fire Photography, to showcase apparatus & fire scene photos taken by Mike Nowacki Jr, covering the New Jersey & New York area. Miscellaneous Fire Apparatus Group Photos. Former Hartford, Ct Fire Apparatus. Artie's Fire Ground and Apparatus Photography. (Contact me for photos for commercial use). Ridgewood FD Engine 32 Pierce Arrow 1250gpm/500gwt. Go this Flickr collection for antiques and museums. Welcome to Keystone State Fire Photos! Throughout the galleries on the site you will find apparatus from across the state of Pennsylvania, along with a few other states including Maryland, Delaware, Florida and the District of Columbia. Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment More from Tim: https://olkee. Photo Sharing; About SmugMug; Browse Photos; Prints & Gifts. Candia NH Engine-1, 1995 Ferrara Spartan Hurricane 1250/1000. 2022 SPAAMFAA CONVENTION FLORIDA. Raymond NH Engine-4, 2006 Spartan Crimson 1500/1000. NEW JERSEY FIRE APPARATUS. Miscellaneous Apparatus Photos. This site contains the combined work of two avid fire apparatus photographers. ILLINOIS FIRE TRUCKS AND BEYOND. Please feel free to E-mail me at the E-mail listed if. Box 1734, Friday, August 16, 2013. Welcome to Northeast Fire Photos, photography by Tom Carmody. Welcome to Photography by Gordon J. I have been going to fires, taking Apparatus Photos, along with many other Fire related events for as long as I can remember. Aside of my profession, I am a huge fire buff and enjoy taking pictures of fire apparatus. com features the photography of Ted Pendergast. All of the photos are copyrighted by me and are not to be used without my consent. This is NOT done for the purpose of profit but rather to partially reclaim the costs of maintaining these web pages and the travel costs associated with this hobby. Out of State Fire Apparatus - CHI-TOWN FIRE PHOTOS. New and Old Apparatus Group Photos. Most of the images are from the Chicagoland. Apparatus of Pennsylvania by County. Selection of my fire apparatus photos. City of Milwaukee, WI Ambulances. Mike Sanders Fire Apparatus Photography. com, and Fire Engineering Magazine. CHICAGO HME SNORKEL SQUAD FIRE APPARATUS. Holbrook Ma, 3 Adams Ln 08/14/2020. 2005 Spartan Sierra/Smeal 2000/500-20A, Waterous CSU pump 200 gpm Aux Pump Cummins ISL 370hp engine Job #: 2857. This site is owned and operated by Adam Alberti a Battalion Chief with the City of Passaic Fire Department. Home · Browse · Search · Fire & Rescue · 2020 Incidents · 2021 Incidents · 3/30/22 - Mason pole barn fire, 84 Kingman Rd · 3/28/22 - Cascade car fire, M-6 over . Kingston NH Engine-1, 1998 Freightliner/3D 1250/1000. Readingpafire is the source for fire fighting and emergency ReadingPAFire; RFD Apparatus; Folders. Having come up through the ranks serving as Chief of Department. Atlantic City International Airport Fire & Rescue Apparatus on 04. Current Baltimore City Fire Apparatus. Special Operations 39th Street November 2013. 2015 tri- County Muster in Jamesburg, NJ on 06. com Contact the webmaster: [email protected] CHICAGO SPARTAN LUVERNE CRIMSON PUMPER FIRE APPARATUS. APPARATUS FROM OUTSIDE THE USA. Support this page by purchasing prints or visit lulu. I'm a retired career firefighter in East Haven,Conn after serving 34 years. http://danosfireapparatusphotos. Former Baltimore, MD City and County apparatus. Post pictures of Fire Engines, Fire Trucks, Fire Brush Patrols, Fire Stations, Fire Rescues, Fire Boats, Fire Chiefs, Fire Command, Fire Helicopters or any . If you do not see your department's apparatus and would like some photos send me an email ([email protected] At that time I started taking photographs of area fires and fire departments in southern Milwaukee County until I. Reedy Creek Fire and Emergency Services. Mobile Site · Photo Sharing · About SmugMug · Browse Photos · Prints & Gifts · Terms · Privacy · Contact · Owner Log In. Mobile Site · Photo Sharing · About SmugMug · Browse Photos · Prints & Gifts . Hi I am David Traiforos, a 46 year member of the fire service. Welcome to my fire apparatus photo site, a running stock of rigs I have shot in my travels *** UPDATE *** Just returned from a trip to Alberta, lots of new additions coming soon and a few from Saskatchewan. FDNY Brooklyn Bx 2075, 3rd Alarm 108-26 Avenue N. Note the four crosslay attack lines . The mission of the Dallas Firefighter's Museum is to collect, preserve, and present the history, cultural heritage and honor fallen heroes of the Department and to provide fire prevention, protection, and all-hazards life safety education to the public, especially children. I will be adding photos of Firehouses and Apparatus from the Chicago Area, Illinois,Wisconsin and from around the Midwest. com NOTICE to viewers: *Firewagonphoto's images are scans of original prints, slides, or negatives, while newer photography is entirely digital. Mike Sanders Fire Apparatus Photography Mike and Andrew Sanders From Mike Sanders and Andrew Sanders - Welcome to our SmugMug web page where we are able to share a hobby we have enjoyed for many years and provide the firefighting and rescue communities a sampling of our apparatus photographs. United States Fish & Wildlife Service. Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue. Randy Johanson Photography. 414 North Gay Street Baltimore, MD 21202. Phoenix, Arizona 2021 Rosenbauer Commander 1500/500/40A Production #1818120. Chief's Convention 2007 - The Big E Fairgrounds, West Springfield Mass. This website does not reflect the views or opinions of the Fire Departments, it's members. Fire Apparatus From Through Out Pennsylvania. Things continue to be busy which its easy to track what we do with. My name is Austin Reid and I am a 15 year old junior Firefighter and Fire Photographer located in Northern New Jersey. He has loved all aspects of photography since getting his Pentax K1000 back in the late 80s. This includes text books, to promote firefighter and civilian safety. Welcome to my website where you will find a variety of fire apparatus photos from the STL Metro Area and surrounding states. Currently the editor of the New Jersey edition of First Responder News, his photos have been used in local and national publications. CHICAGO BUGGIES, AMBO'S AND MISC. I am a Battalion Chief for the City of Green Bay Metro Fire Dept. Along with being a freelance civilian fire photographer, I am also the MABAS Division 112 photographer. CHICAGO FIRE BOAT ENGINE COMPANY 2. This site contains images taken after. Here are is a link to my SmugMug with all my shots: averyguthrie. Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus: Used Fire Trucks and Equipment. Arthur Burns' Fire Apparatus & incident Site https://burnslikefire. APPARATUS FROM OUTSIDE THE USA CALIFORNIA CHICAGO BUGGIES, AMBO'S AND MISC. com) and we can try to set something up. Chimney fire, Paxton 4-29-2022. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FL, ENGINE CO. FIRE APPARATUS PARADES & SPECIAL EVENTS. Londonderry NH New Rescue-1, 2010 Pierce Heavy Rescue. Currently I run the most subscribed to Fire Photpgraphy Youtube Channel in the world, Demonracer2. From Mike Sanders and Andrew Sanders - Welcome to our SmugMug web page where we are able to share a hobby we have enjoyed for many years and provide the . My name is Mark Rosetti and I am a 24 year old Firefighter and Fire Photographer based out of Northern New Jersey. This website is NOT sponsored, affiliated or managed in anyway by any City/Town Fire Department, It's members, City or Town Government or Agencies. CHICAGO ENGINE COMPANIES CHICAGO FIRE BOAT 6-8-8 CHICAGO FIRE BOAT ENGINE COMPANY 2 Chicago Midway & O'Hare Airports ARFF CHICAGO SQUAD COMPANIES AND SPECIAL OPERATIONS CHICAGO TRUCK COMPANIES CLASSIC FIRE APPARATUS EASTERN USA EMERGENCY SERVICES/ESDA FDNY. My collection includes emergency vehicles, fire stations and emergency incidents. Detroit Fire Apparatus throughout the years. Tribute of Lights 911 Memorial. This website will show the work firefighters are doing across the area. Here I post my photos of fire apparatus and fire scenes. 8/25: - Significant photo updates to FDNY Apparatus, and Boston Fire Apparatus, also starting to add vehicle information to photos. Washington County, WI Fire Apparatus. Jersey Shore Fire Photography. North Carolina Apparatus Photos. *Because some of firewagonphoto's images are scans of photo prints, slides, or negatives, SmugMug purchases will vary in quality and sharpness. And see my other Flickr collections for such albums as the NC State Fair, trips and travel, festivals and events, and family stuff. Sun rise photos from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. 2017 - Arch For FDNY Firefighter. Primarily from Livingston, Genesee and Wyoming County's. I enjoy taking pictures of various fire apparatus across Michigan and beyond. I am a fire apparatus photographer who keeps up with the latest and up to date apparatus news in Virginia. Fire Boat 15 is 36' LOA, 10'9" BOA, 19,500lbs, powered by Twin Cummins Diesel Turbo 480hp . Thank you for supporting the site. Fire Department, curator of the Brockton Fire Museum, great friend and mentor. Hampstead NH Engine-4, 1992 Spartan/E-One 1750/960/30. Images of firefighters, fire trucks and firefighting operations are featured throughout the site. DON FEIPEL PHOTO - SLIDE COLLECTION. Smokin' Fireground Photography Photos of the Emergency Services by Members of the Emergency Services. The two most basic pieces of firefighting apparatus are the fire engine and the . Photos Added 11/18: Nevada Fire Apparatus. I have been a volunteer FF/EMT for 38 years,and I am Fire Chief of the Mahanoy City Fire Department, in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Jefferson County, WI Fire Apparatus. Professional all-in-one photographer specializing in emergency scenes, portraits, weddings, trains and more!. Alleghany County / City Of Covington. My father was a career firefighter for over 30 years in my hometown of Menomonie and my grandfather was a charter member of the Boyceville Volunteer Fire Department, starting in 1948. Fire Photography; Fire Department Apparatus. Readingpafire is the source for fire fighting and emergency medical service news from Reading, Pennsylvania. I have never been big into shooting fire trucks but have been making an attempt to shoot them more often. 2014 Fairchester Hose Haulers muster. CAPE COD, MA FIRE DEPARTMENTS (FALL 2011) FIRE APPARATUS & COMPANY LOGO'S. On this page, you will find various photos from Fires, Incidents, and Apparatus. Fire Apparatus "In Quarters" Photos. This site contains images taken after I went "pro" in 2015, having rigs posed under the sun and taking detailed notes on what I photograph. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania known as The Coal Region. His photos have been published in several fire manuals including Fundamental of Firefighter Skills, Street Smart Firefighting. 20American LaFrance 100 foot aerial. As a hobby, I enjoy photographing fire and rescue apparatus, which I'll display here, as well as my social media where I invite you to follow me. (nordfirephotos) This site was organized in an attempt to satisfy the many requests that I have received, to obtain copies of the photographs that I have taken in the Chicagoland area. Delaware fire apparatus photos by Patrick R. CFD New Apparatus Pictures 2011 - 2012. 9% of these shots are taken at fire scenes. Dodge County, WI Fire Apparatus. New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers Association Photo Night 2009. and the Assistant Fire Chief with the Town of Lawrence Fire Dept. Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 1562 - 480 Lenox Ave - 3/20/2022. I hate posed shots of trucks in front of stations, so 99. Indianapolis Fire Department. My photos have been featured in publications such as Fire Apparatus Journal, in manufacturer advertisements, and on department social media. 2019 Fire's and Fire Apparatus Photos. If you would like your apparatus photographed, please email us [email protected] American-LaFrance 1922 Type 75 750Triple Reg 3906 Kearney NJ E5. Rural Water Supply Drill, Vincentown NJ. Any help we receive in the way of apparatus being positioned to access at fire scenes is always greatly appreciated. Welcome to my FIREFOTO site, where incident, event, and related travel photos are posted. com too see Chuck's publications. Mobile Site · Photo Sharing · About SmugMug · Browse Photos · Prints & Gifts · Terms · Privacy; Contact; Owner Log In. I am a volunteer photographer for the Wichita Fire Department and Sedgwick County Fire Department. Maxim 1952 MMA 75 ft, Indianapolis, IN. I live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro area in Minnesota. 2 Alarm Structure Fire - 10 Maple Street, Shelton CT - 4/1/22. Apparatus Architects: Apparatus Innovations 'Back in the Day'. I have been involved in the fire service for over 30 years and would like to share my photo collection with you. Updated 12-30-18 Dozens of Updates UPDATED 7-22-17 CREATED SPARTA,ALGOMA,ALPINE,KENT CITY UPDATED OLD/MISC TRUCKS updated 7-4-17 created ferrysburg gallery updated antique/mis and walker UPDATED 7-1-17 CREATED TUSTIN, BALDWIN, YATES, LINCOLN TWP, LUTHER AND. This site is a collection of Fire Apparatus photographs taken by myself, Andrew Sullivan. Engine 2 In-Line Pumping Drill Old Post Offcie Van Buren & Wacker June. My father was a career firefighter for over 30 years in my hometown of Menomonie and my grandfather was a charter member of the Boyceville Volunteer Fire. I am a full time firefighter with the Cranston, RI Fire Department, assigned to Special Hazards 1. The additions never stops from apparatus updates, new deliveries, exercises, and working incidents. I became a career firefighter in Manchester, Ct. net Thanks for stopping by John Degenhardt Minnesota Fire Trucks - NorthStarFirepics. Cumberland County Fire Apparatus. The Indianapolis Fire Department has been protecting the citizens of Indianapolis and portions of Marion County since 1859. You can listen to Chicago Northern Suburban Fire Departments, Including "Red Center, MABAS Divisions 1, 3 and 4 and more by clicking on the links below. Landing Zone, West Brookfield 4-25-2022. 2nd alarm brush, New Braintree 5-1-2022. 9/14/2016 - Today's update consists of a new gallery of apparatus photos from Kingston, NH, inlcuding E2, E3, T1. My name is Karl and I am a retired Firefighter and fire dispatcher. Please go to this link: 5280Fire. ORLANDO FL EXECUTIVE AIRPORT CRASH 6. Also updated: East Kingston, NH T1, F1, Newton, NH E1, T4 and Salisbury E6. OSHKOSH WI, WITTMAN REGIONAL AIRPORT 114. Former Hartford, Ct Water Tower. Updated 7/21: South Carolina Fire Apparatus. Franklin, Burlington County NJ, Rescue 3318, 2014 Pierce Quantum 500-500, rear mount pump, (C) Edan Davis, www sjfirenews (2) Franklin, Burlington County NJ, Fire Police, 3319, 1997 Ford Cargo (C) Edan Davis, www sjfirenews (1) Franklin Burlington County Fire Police 3319 1997 Ford Cargo. Accomack County ( Eastern Shore ) Albemarle County. Mike Sanders Fire Apparatus Photography. Photo Added 2/18: Brown County, WI Fire Apparatus. I am a Firefighter-EMT and Fire Apparatus Operator in Norfolk VA as well as a contributing editor with the Fire Apparatus Journal. Retired after a 30 year career with the Franklin Park, IL Fire Department. I have finally decided to make this site to share . Thank you for visiting Capital City Fire Photos. This site features Fire and Apparatus Photography by Jason Coleman-Cobb in the Harrisburg, PA Metro area, . 10 Somerville, NJ Fire Dept 175th Anniversary Parade. Broward County Sheriff's Office Department of Fire Rescue. A quick intro about me: Patrick Shoop, Jr. Ohio Departments - Gulf Coast Fire Photography. Fite Damages The Clay Oven in Roxbury Twp. Fire Apparatus Photos - 857FirePhotos 857 Fire Photography. Here you can find some of my photos from Fires, Parades, Events, Incidents, and many other occasions over the past few years, hope you all enjoy! Apparatus. *Use callsign info at your own risk*. Updated 7/18: Sauk County, WI Fire Apparatus. Apparatus; engines; ladders trucks; rescue; ambulances. I was the senior man on the department when I. Here you can find some of my photos from Fires, Parades, Events, Incidents, and many other occasions over the past few years, hope you all enjoy!. 2018 Ford F-350/unknown builder Fire Support Unit Micah Bodford Photo "Engine 2403" 1996 IHC 4900/FireMaster 1500/1000 S/N # PC-483 "Eastside Tank" Micah Bodford Photo. This firehouse was built in 1971 and is home to all three frontline fire apparatus and two ambulances. Powered by SmugMug Owner Log In. Any unauthorized use of these images is prohibited without the permission of. Welcome to FireHouses of Ohio the home of Ohio's Firehouses. I dont take many apparatus shots, but if I do, this is where they will end up. This site is dedicated in memory of Billy Donovan, ret. Throughout the galleries on the site you will find apparatus from across the state of Pennsylvania, along with a few other states including Maryland, Delaware, Florida and the District of Columbia. CHICAGO LADDER 20- 1993 SEAGRAVE 100' RM #FDE269. Explore the largest online inventory of used fire trucks and fire apparatus. 2012 - Bernville Housing & Parade. I've been a member of the East Haven Fire Dept for over 42 years including 2 as an explorer and 7 as a volunteer. Winnebago County, WI Fire Apparatus. On occasion I will visit other states for photo visits. I am a volunteer firefighter with the East Windsor, NJ Volunteer Fire Company #1, and have been. COM front page Latest updates - Related website links - Please click here: www. these are photos of bensenville's rigs. 40's 1950 Mack hose wagonthis was a gem. Ocean County NJ Fire Apparatus. I take photos of fire scenes to show the public what our . Augusta County, Virginia, and the Cities of Staunton and Waynesboro. The station was renovated in 2017 and the fourth, front bay (left) was added back after having been closed up for most of the previous 30 years. OCTOBER 15 2021= WEBSITE UPDATED WITH OVER 100 NEW PHOTOS!!!- New and updated fire apparatus in Schuylkill County and other areas of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. Photos Added 6/17: Ohio Fire Apparatus. Fire Apparatus of Maryland & Virginia. Florida Fire Apparatus Photos. This site of the collection of Ryan Olsen.