xingqiu x reader cuddle. you’re one of the only people he’s comfortable showing affection to, so he. It’s been 15 years since Diluc had said those words to you. "Lets face it Y/N, you know you want to. Prompt: Reader is 5′ and staying at the Avengers tower with her boyfriend, Steve. He asked, propping himself up on his elbows. Ougai browsed through a file he hold and grinned. [M/N] had to admit that he was an ugly kid, he had a chubby face, unfit, a bit of pimples dotting his face, and hated running. Summary: Y/N & Tom decide to take on a Haunted House attraction …. 2 months ago on Wednesday, 16 February 2022. This is part of my Valentine’s Day Dreams Event!! Masterlist for this event is here! …. Summary: (Part 1) Richie has a gigantic crush on the nerdiest girl in Derry. pairing: Steve Rogers x female!reader. One day An alternate universe romance story about Chongyun and Xingqiu. what if you baked them sweets - @sunfloweritea albedo, gorou, lisa, raiden shogun, sucrose x gn!reader. "Meeting you" {Xingqiu x reader} by Melody/Mel. Special thanks goes to my beta reader …. When you returned to the spot, however, Xingqiu no longer had the book to his face. :’) Summary ; Tamaki is having a anxiety attack and Mirio and Neijire aren’t able to calm him down this time, so they get you. Selever x Male Reader Fluff Aftermath by lukawasdeleted Fandoms: Friday Touch-Starved Xingqiu; Sleepy Cuddles; Comfort; Comfort No Hurt; Affectionate Chongyun;. You were walking through the halls of the Malfoy Manor, the home you shared with your beloved husband Lucius Malfoy. You woke up in the morning, checking your phone - 7:44AM. AAqUeT [ZTGWB1] Search: AAqUeT. a/n: this is super short and for that i’m sorry, but i had this cute little idea in my head and i had to do it. Calm Nights (Corpse Husband x Reader) Summary: Both of you are laying on his bed, not being able to sleep. They are often featured together in official arts, as they speak highly of each other in a fond manner, showing just how close of friends they are. [hc] tamaki as omega (o x a reader) Kaminari. Jotaro and/or dio x short femreader maybe cuddle sessions and how they act with s/o at home I decided to do both since I’ve never actually written …. Like the old man said, Together. DO NOT DISTURB! Nobody dare to disturb the devil when he is ‘cuddling’ with you! He needs his cuddles…especially when he can’t get …. Akaashi Keiji: He spoils you rotten, instantly kissing you gently on the lips. About reader cuddle x Bakugou shy. Growing up in an abusive household, no one has shown him true affection in years, and… you’re his first relationship. STARES AT YOU A LOT TO THE POINT THAT IT’S UNNERVING, LEANS INTO YOUR SPACE A LOT …. Xingqiu and Chongyun One warm cuddle pile. It would explain the strange connection he felt to you. As a result, you cuddle him to sleep to ease …. Step 3: Flatten Ears and sew Ears and Horn to the top …. Y/N said before taking her own bite of ice cream. “Yeah you were until you made yourself unavailable just because you can’t have cuddles doesn’t mean I can’t. It was a summer evening and you were laying around Tommy’s house. surprise cuddles - @nicochiii. Izuku called, as he peeked through the crack of the door. Wanda’s face isn’t visible, only …. That evil piece of shit has done it. You draped your arms around, pressing your cheek against his. There’s too little Xingqiu content in this fandom Answer: Xingqiu …. It took him a moment to find that you’re sleeping sitting on the floor, in front of your shared bed with …. Terushima meant the question for you, but Tendou took over. Every day is another day full of love and this is no other. You get to calm him down and even stay the night at the 3rd years dorms, so he stays calm. Instead, he had placed the book aside, slowly picking up his tea as he mumbled incoherently. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; ~ Goaba is the best cuddle buddy ever ~Xiangling enjoys shoulder squeezes and temple kisses. for a panic attack, firstly he tries to get you out of the situation thats making you panic as quick as possible, and bring you somewhere where its a …. This isn't a common thing, but he will spoil you on occasion with it. Xingqiu/Lore | Genshin Impact Wiki | Fandom. how he reacts when his s/o cries. Poly Yandere Xingqiu and Chongyun HCsI am good with poly rqs!! esp for one of my fave duos in the game 💗 warnings for genre typical portrayals …. She was supposed to be going to her boyfriend Kenma’s house to spend the night, and she wasn’t going to let him down. Just as you’re plugging it in, you hear a different voice. 100 notes | 9:42am 18 Dec 2020 Tagged: #genshin impact #genshin impact headcanons #xingqiu genshin impact #genshin to Xingqiu #Xingqiu x reader. What is Bakugou X Shy Reader Cuddle Nightmare ; Dabi x Reader. One day An alternate universe romance story about Chongyun and Xingqiu…. PAIRING: CHARACTERS X GN!READER "YOU'RE INJURED. Your feet noiselessly padded down the steps and you tried to be quiet as the keys jingled when you tried to unlock the door. Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear. It’s mainly because he gets shy. ୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷ was so excited when i got this request because so many ideas just rushed into my head! hopefully this meets your expectations, @thegayrubberducky ^^ this is part one, by the way so if your faves weren't here they'll be in the others :) enjoy, everyone !!. 7K 483 42 there was an exorcist named Y/N who is known throughout liyue because of her good deeds and because she was also the student of the Almighty adepti moon carver. This isn’t a common thing, but he will spoil you on occasion with it. You were there as a childhood friend, since even. rainy day cuddles - modern au! zuko x reader. Hoodie (tommyinnit x reader) You wear Tommy’s hoodie and he gets nervous. For one, he never liked that girl. Yushiro X Demon Male Reader Headcanons Yushiro isn’t a big fan of cuddles, so if you ask him if you can cuddle him, his only response …. technoblade x reader cuddle Post author: Post published: March 26, 2022 Post category: fasting on sunday catholic Post comments: …. It wasn’t much longer until Y/N returned to the common room. you can feel him smile against your skin. This young man loves a little adventure, so the two of you always meet up somewhere outside at night or he asks you to snuck into his house. When the both of you are laying down, with you laying on your belly, he would climb ontop of you and kiss up your back, making you both shudder and giggle. Chuuya, could you tell [Y/n]-chan to come here? I have a mission for her. Multi-Chaptered Fics: Rockabye Baby - SingleMom!Reader x Lost Boys. Your head was resting on his …. request: Hi, I want to request a scenario for Todoroki. Drowsy and definitely not fully conscious, you try …. In the few moments later, Tom came home and see Reader …. Amber: Butt-to-Butt - Perfect balance of physical contact and freedom. You turn to see the slouched figure of your boyfriend. Originally posted by catbulgarwendy. with your fingertip, you start tracing the word ‘hi’ on his back. PAIRING: CHARACTERS X GN!READER “YOU’RE INJURED. Because of this, Xingqiu works great with Sacrificial Sword and Emblem Of Severed Fate. ♡ summary: there are many ways to fall in love, many Turns out that you’re just naturally shy, but you could truly be …. Kageyama said in a cranky tone. warnings: mentions of death, manipulative relationships, lowercase intended. -Because you’re a coward that also happens to be in love. Klaus smirked at your enthusiasm and the two of you began following the woman that lead you into the gates behind the desk. Tony was throwing another party. Limited Edition Easter Collector's Kit. when you can cuddle spider-plushie? as soon as peter finally arrived, exhausted beyond belief, he was met with the sight of you, fast asleep, …. Here's my first Char X reader X Char. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Archive of Our …. “Are you sure there isn’t anything else?”. I’m standing in the middle of headmaster’s office looking what time it is. Arthur thinks back to early that day; he was at Ha-Ha’s …. She/her pronouns for reader; Good Friend Xiangling (Genshin Impact) Wingman Xiangling (Genshin Impact) Lumine and Paimon best wingwomen; Lumine just wants to go home; Xingqiu being an idiot; Diluc father figure so true; Lisa and Jean mother figures so true; Mentioned Chongyun (Genshin Impact) Rich y/n bc girlboss; Y/n is tired of everyone. Text colors are based off thier vision colors) After getting chased out of Mondstat, they end up south of the city near a river and just hear a loud BOOM. The unknown ~ chongyun x xingqiu by Miyu 21. “Operation: Cuddle time!” The golden eyed male said as he chuckled. [hc] being his alpha (o x a reader…. hold him like that for a bit longer and he'll loosen up and melt into a soft smile. Bakugou reader x shy cuddle [7ZAM2U] Smm. You came home from a little shopping trip in the diagon alley, feeling not so well. fixes the blankets to make sure you’re warm nd comfy …. Xingqiu’s very classic—you’re guessing right if you think he got that from his books. Those eyes, welling with tears, would forever haunt him. Xingqiu had to leave you to prepare for later after buying what he promised so you sit at the edge of Mt. It seemed Katsuki had fallen back asleep seeing how quiet he was. You then notice that there is a man standing right beside Light he had …. Lone Wolf Nergiganos — Monster Hunter Masterlist Chev…. Genshin x Reader - When You’re Sleepy (Pt 4) Pairing: Zhongli, Chongyun, Xingqiu + Bonus Character x GN!Reader. ^^ Applause for my wonderful beta reader…. He remembers when he was young, before he was sent …. ‘’You, soon, hopefully…’’ his cheeks are tainted of red, and he soon …. Moving on from Carol will never be easy. Sherlock x Depressed!Suicidal!Reader - Don’t leave me A/N: Again something sad but I hope I met the expectations from anon who had requested this one. Summary : In which you were studying with Izuku but you find his notes about you. (Sherlock Holmes x Reader) “Title: Cuddling? Cuddling. She adores your passion for collecting old things, I get the vibe that she likes to do it herself. you suffered from insomnia, and Kokichi was the only person who knew besides Kaede. Thank you so much! (We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support!). hi!!! i’m so sorry it’s been like …. I hope y'all like it! I don't really know these two too well so I hope I didn't write them too out of character. This is Oikawa Tooru x Reader- Don't like don't read. Purposely blows air down your neck to see you squirm and whine. He also likes it when you rest your head and body ontop of his back. seeing someone else comfort their s/o after making them feel insecure. All the while a little voice piped up in the back of your head, singing sweet nothings of death and destruction. She is initially shocked when she sees that Hanako is actually male. Strap yourselves in, it’s gonna be a long one. I hope you enjoy! Warning: Yandere. “Well done dragon!” — too harsh. Kaeya is not much of a cuddle guy, he’s more of a romantic guy, like making declarations of love in front of everyone to embarrass you, but don’t worry, if you ask him for cuddles, he won’t say no 👀. Contains: Poly-relationship, Ultimate!Reader, Neutral Pronouns, fluff, Saiouma, Oumasai. But yknow since bakugou is who he is he doesn't want to admit he's kinda scared. If you see that, I am so sorry bubs please-. ” you said observing the grey clouds. definitely starts doing it to you after that. Hey, Dami? You awake? Damian: No, why? (Y/N): If a Guinea Pig and a normal pig had a baby, would it be called a piggy-er Guinea pig?? Damian: …. Bubba would probably be a little too shy to ask for cuddle…. 🖤Despite the fact Aizawa usually seems cold he does have a soft spot for you. Flower Language | Mark x Reader ( A, F, AU) There was still a part of you that hoped that maybe, just maybe, Mark could someday love you back. (Pre-Note: For the past year you’ve been working as a maid for the royal family of Asgard. However, when you ask for cuddles, what he hears is “I want to hug you for 8 hours straight”. Xiao: He doesn’t cuddle - But every once in a while he will hold you hand till you fall asleep. Y o u ' l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. Aug 20, 2018 - Read Shouto Todoroki x reader pt2 from the story Anime x reader by AnaberuJoka (Anna) with 1,065 reads. koi-dragon asked: Hi! May I request a Technoblade x male reader cuddle Drabble with headcannons and they’re just cuddling on the floor in …. Even that you couldn't protest against because you had already fallen asleep. Elise sat in Ougai’s office and drew something on a paper. Nerdy // Richie Tozier x Reader. Even though Niki and Wilbur made their best affords to make you feel welcomed and safe. And slowly, you get used to life without him. Kyojuro and Senjuro stood outside of your house, eagerness written all over their faces. Venti simply laughs in response, raising his hands in surrender. Xingyun is the slash ship between Xingqiu and Chongyun from the Genshin Impact fandom. The slightest movements you make will cause his arms to lock around you, but when you suddenly cuddle …. Oh boy I'm trying again Edit: updates are slow due …. “I’m not going to take an insult from someone who thinks Sesame Street is still quality programming at 17. This made you sad, as you knew if a new dog came in, another would have to be put down. -Bạn thức dậy, vệ sinh thật sạch sẽ rồi nhanh chóng khoác lên …. His arms and legs hesitantly loosened around you. pairings (separate): gorou, ganyu, itto, and yanfei x reader. [ Headcanon] Pairing: Shoto Todoroki x Reader. All I want right now is to go home eat, shower and cuddle up with Kris while watching sappy movies, however, only two of those will happen Kris will still …. Jul 13 2020 - Explore Baby jeffs board dabi x shigaraki x bakugou followed by 679 people on Pinterest. Genshin x reader COMFORT ADDITION by Rin 2K 20 4 As the title says,this will be a comfort fanfic! i will do any character and for any scenario! for example Chongyun x anxious reader, Scaramouche x insecure reader, or F. You lean in until your lips barely …. “That’s cute”, you thought, while picking out the dress. You and Finnick had been best friends, once upon a time. Open up Fortnite and scroll over to the Item Shop. Synopsis: Reader plays an important song to her for Bucky. When you first saw L’manberg walls you fell in love with the nation. Pairing: Thoma x Reader, Kaeya Alberich x Reader, Bennett x Reader, Xingqiu x Reader, (Separately) [@httpswwwtbhkcom’s masterlist] Summary: You and your s/o had been dating for almost a year. You couldn't really move to cuddle with him since his hold was tight. MY PHOENIX (xiao x fem reader!!) by 月Tsukii 14. “No way I’m your one and only cuddle buddy” she whined. Oikawa X Reader Cuddle Notepad++ 7. Despite his initial shock, Dream finds himself to be thinking of the Brit in a new light. DSMP x reader – winter/holiday headcanons. You would usually cuddle in the comfort of your bed or on the couch while …. #Genshin impact #Masterlist #genshin x reader #Genshin x you. Time to make a move…Go on Corpse. What is Bakugou X Shy Reader Cuddle Feel the love - Toshinori Yagi. ) Shellington studies fossils! Prehistoric Ocean. See You Tomorrow | Xingqiu x ReaderHello! Sorry for being inactive, I was a little busy! However, I did manage to get this fic out!. He enjoys to feel you cuddling him. Oikawa's arms wrapped around your waist and his head in the crook of your neck. This is a request so I hope you like it uwu. Your mom’s ring in your pocket, my picture in your wallet; your heart was …. The two of you sat there, enjoying the company. -Weeks later, after completing forgetting about your moment of madness, Tommy invited you over for some shenanigans. By the time you woke up, the sun was high in the sky, signalling that it was already noon. i hope you enjoy! cuddling in the water // wanda maximoff x Answer: here you go, i’m sorry it has taken me so long. “Because she’s my girlfriend” he said before running away again. It was a Friday night, that meant there was no need to be in your own dorm tonight, …. He looked so divine, and that made you …. KISS ME ALREADY (BUCKY BARNES X READER). Read todoroki x reader from the story Mha lemons~~~~ by Worship_MrChungus with 73,269 reads. Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. In this imagine you pretty much take Violets role (meaning …. It was all held within your final words to him. Panicked screams filled the room but you didn’t move. You blew your hair out of your face, hands still on the Doctor’s chest. Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Female) Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 Summary: (Y/N) never understood science based subjects, despite putting all her efforts into studying them. on the outside he’s calm, trying to get you fixed up as soon as possible, but on the inside? he’s frantic. “You know, I think i’ll just sleep here. But oh, oh, Steve was way too obvious. Once he see’s MC is comfortable enough to ask but still hesitates he goes for it. He might even consider pranking Chongyun and telling you about what happened just to get a good laugh from you. Xingyun | Shipping Wiki | Fandom. It was Friday night and you were sat in the Gryffindor common room talking to …. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. And finally, in a very un-Tomura-like move, he wrapped his arms around you, holding you close …. You may join us Traveler, if you want. James stopped in his tracks and turned around. He thought you and Xingqiu were too good, out of his league. Klaus and Caroline were in a intimate moment. The reason you and Chongyun remained together was that you were very caring for the boy- though Xingqiu wouldn't believe that, seeing as you had straight-up exploded at him for reasons he wasn't involved with. Rating: PG - Pure Fluff & Making Out. Strange smirked, his long body blocking your path. The scent of freshly ground espresso hit both of them as they walked inside. “come here” you squeal as you make your way over to yamaguchi for cuddles. I don’t even know why I’m looking what time it is when I know that he doesn’t …. summary: Since returning from Wakanda, Bucky has …. Inspired by: Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur. “We’ll see,” the Guess Monster answered, aiming a glare at the other …. Anonymous asked: could i request a platonic techno x reader, where the reader is an orphaned piglin hybrid (maybe 7-8 in age) like techno, but instead of killing them, he decides to bring them along and when he gets home with the hybrid child philza’s like “how did they not die?” while watching techno hold the child at his hip while. Beverly was staring out your window, at the falling snow, when she felt a presence beside her. requested by my soulmate @scintillasofbeomgyu. Long story short, you climbed on top of him and laid on him while he kept playing his game. 80% of the population has some sort of uncanny …. They are one of, if not the only ship that exhibit friendly, buddy-buddy interactions as stated by their stories/voicelines and Xiangling. He didn’t know that Y/N was known in the hospital since she goes every week to see her mom. His First Thoughts On You/ Yours On Him. Scaramouche rolling his eyes at your tears, leaving you on the couch alone with a mere blanket. You wanted to find the power that would help you protect Angel. Celebrate your little cuddle …. Edit: I went from 18 requests to 40! Might take me some time. Looking up from cleaning the counter …. He needs to feel you or he thinks you’re gone. “I love you y/n” he said rubbing up and down your arm “I love you too sam” you said slowly falling into a slumber. It will also have a nice texture which makes this crochet blanket a sensory toy. Rain fell in a melodic sort of way, almost reminiscent of the soft plink of piano keys. * He’s just so fluffy though that it gets warm really fast when you cuddle with him. Tickle Fights - Fred Weasley x Reader. You pulled away with a smile, knees weak and head spinning, bucky let out a breathy laugh, leaning in for another kiss. A deep voice pulls your attention to to the right. Kennst du Übersetzungen, die noch nicht in diesem Wörterbuch enthalten sind? Hier kannst du sie vorschlagen! Bitte immer nur genau eine Deutsch …. You quickly realised that you had managed to sleep for nearly eight hours. The two of you watched the sunset then you went downstairs. Hazbin Hotel Hazbin Hotel x Reader Hazbin Hotel oneshots Angel Dust Angel Dust x …. He is the second son of the Guild Manager …. Tweak presents the Gup-G! The Octonauts Explore! Decorate your own Kelp cake! Octonauts …. hold him like that for a bit longer and he’ll loosen up and melt into a soft smile. Go back to your own house, although it had only been a few days. Xingqiu (Chinese: 行秋 Xíngqiū, "Progression of Autumn") is a playable Hydro character in Genshin Impact. Summary: He broke up with you but your feelings never disappeared. Summary: You are curious about your new neighbor moving in across the hall and decide to go say hello. feat; bennett, chongyun, razor, xingqiu x gn!reader. Maybe George doesn't like him as much as he thought. To Rest (Ayato brainrot) note: changing the ask a little bit since im not really good at pure fluff :)) anywaaay i was also supposed to post this during ayato's launch xp cw: slight spoilers for his background story Imagine meeting Ayato while the Kamisato clan was still unstable — Ayato who desperately overworks himself; from scavenging for reliable allies to proving his capabilities as a. “ Hey! Don’t treat me like some kid and dont …. Natasha Romanoff X Reader: Midnight Cuddles. The grip his arms had around your waist had also loosened. Sleep pretty darling, do not cry. Dazai Osamu was an enigma to many, but not to you. About cuddle shy x Bakugou reader You had it as dark as you could get; blinds closed, lights off. Total drama x reader one shots (SLOW UPDATES 71 parts Complete. Ooh yay! My first Tumblr request by @hobo4lyfe11. so i didn’t know if to make this but here it goes…. First time cuddling with you Gn!reader (HC) ☁️. Chongyun didn’t expect to find love. the people on your island would try and cheer you up the best they could reminding you with wide comforting smiles on their faces that you only had …. There aren’t that many people taller than them, so the top of your head popping above the crowd makes a good meeting point. you're special:D -10/10 study buddy. little hugs and kisses on the forehead are a go! - you snuck in a cuddle session with him right after XD. I was wondering, if you have time, writing a fanfic with the reader …. Work Search: tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit) 4961 - 4980 of 143770 Works in Cuddling & SnugglingCuddling & Snuggling. Hey, Xingqiu, will you read to me while I lay on your lap?? “My, what a simple yet strange request. A boy with a wild purple mane is speaking to you. Characters: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, Wilbur, p!Bench Trio, c!Technoblade, …. It was two or three in the morning on a weekend. It was a summer evening and you were laying around …. “C'mere, Jack,” You said, putting your hand around his waist and letting him rest his head onto your shoulder. You cheered and rested your head on his chest again. more fun facts - we are currently in a state of emergency, and it's of high probability that russians will start a major. Reader: gn! This was a request and I wrote so much but I accidentally posted that too early and instead of just saving it to my drafts, I fucking deleted it which is why I lost the person who requested that. Camilo Madrigal x female reader. For this Elemental Burst to be consistently up, you need to at least have around 160% Energy Recharge. “You have to shimmy over here to get up. warnings: none :) pairings/characters included: xingqiu x chongyun; category: short fic, fluff. Atlas (he/him + Neos) erebusbored asked: Hey i saw your request are open. Follow after her and ask what it is. no worries, love, in understood you perfectly fine<3 relatableNagito x masochistic! s/o cw masochistic reader, afab!reader but I didn’t mentioned pronouns, slapping, degradation, smut under the cut, pain, komaeda being komaeda, self-degradation, low self esteem, pinching, oral (reader …. Try to find someone else's house to stay at. Including: a snowstorm, meeting someone's dead great-great grandfather, Xingqiu being weak for Chongyun's bare shoulders and a constantly flustered Chongyun. Can we please just go to bed!” you giggled, trying your hardest not to snort as he rolled around the bed with you. Disclaimer: No pronouns are mentioned in this work though it is fem reader. A-Z Fluff Alphabet Prompt List:If you would like to make a request, my rule is 1 character with 2-4 letters or 2 characters with 2 letters. Unfortunately, the boys walked in to ruin your fun, and they couldn’t have picked a worse time to enter. 'Xingqiu's is probably a good place to hide, but Wanmin is more crowded and Xiangling might be there. Read the most popular xingqiuxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. His face will be buried in the pillow or arms in an awkward position but he’s holding your hand and tamaki’s hand so he’s happy. So when Sapnap and George come to Florida, Dream is surprised to hear his best friend's thoughts. He’ll sometimes lay like this on purpose, knowing that you want to cuddle …. hu tao: *excitedly bouncing* “DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION-”. " : xingqiu / childe x gn!reader head canons (separate) in which you complement the boys voice and they get all flustered like ehe. Shared Memories - Erik Lehnsherr x Reader. You were not there when L’manberg first declared independence. 10 minutes later, you pulled into the motel's parking lot. Xingqiu is the first playable character to appear in a non-event World Quest ( Yae Publishing House's Invitation ). If you like slow burn romance, then please enjoy this project of mine. And the fact that they had a stronger bond with him than Xiangling. loki — can you write some sam wilson x reader fics,. With a Platonic!reader x Damian Wayne. Y/N exclaimed when Jason said, ‘I’m kissing the lips of a sinner. ayato icon! feel free to use as a pfp with credit. He collapsed on the bed, and drifted into sleep. Harry tried to fight the sleep more than you did, but gave in, nuzzling his face against your neck. Sherlock x Depressed!Suicidal!Reader. Chongyun's eyelids fluttered open, revealing his beautiful set of eyes. summary: how the genshin boys give hugs characters: childe, diluc, kaeya, razor, venti, xiao, xingqiu, zhongli style & genre: bulleted & written; fluff warnings: none notes: a self-indulgent fic for my birthday yay, i hope you guys enjoy this I just really want a hug but it's hard to see friends right now 🤧🤧 Childe. Hi Hazel! Can I please have some established relationship, domestic, very very VERY fluffy lazy morning cuddle HC with Nozel, Fuegoleon and …. Cyno: Cyno's first hand shake. ahh the mastery of knowing sam …. camilo madrigal x reader cuddle. warnings; extreme fluff !!!!!!!!! /hj. The sudden dip in temperature gives him the excuse to cuddle …. He has a lot on his mind and is always doing something. A canon-divergence story, in which both Xingqiu and Chongyun are descendants of adepti, but keep it a secret from another. Title: Homesick Words: 1409 Warnings: None Notes: um. It’s about a reader who is actually his gf, but she talks …. Chongyun crawls into Xingqiu's room at night, acting all coy and innocent, and Xingqiu teaches him what he has learnt from the books he hides under his bed. Few hours later, Reader went home early and start cooking for dinner, waiting for Tom to get home. hearing your soft giggle above him melts his heart. Characters Haikyuu, Oikawa, Reader, Kageyama, Hinata, Sugawara, Iwaizumi. “Chris,” You said gently and hushed, thinking …. when you invent a handshake with cyno (just for fun). You were ready to be his support. Title: ABO (A) Fatgum Toyomitsu Taishiro x (O) Reader Big Jackets and Snack Runs. But the exhaustion causes you to collapse in the mountains. -”Your perfume smells good,” He would mumble after a while causing you to giggle. However, no one ever notices her. Light (Chibs Telford x Reader). a/n ; I love Tamaki Amajiki and he needs all the love he deserves. It would be nice to add a 4nemo specific section to my Masterlist. getting canceled for dating him. harry potter imagines — different (tom riddle x reader). наверно на запросы на другом языке, стоит отвечать на том же, хотя хочется заставить других людей страдать и пользоваться переводчиком, чтобы хоть кто-то переводил текст с русского на свой. genshin impact xingqiu x reader. -Karl would just nod simply before wrapping his arms around your back to cuddle closer. “I could never forget about you Y/N. 🗺️ — navigation ! bennett x reader razor x reader venti x reader chongyun x reader xingqiu x reader zhongli x reader arataki itto x reader itto x reader gorou x reader kamisato ayato x reader ayato x reader thoma x reader aether x reader dainsleif x reader genshin impact x reader genshin x reader. — 3 AM (Kirishima Eijirou x Reader). 9% of the time the little spoon he likes …. Harry booped your noise, and you couldn’t help but giggle. His eyes trailed over the small print on the business card— “SnuggleBuddy. Love is a flame — cuddling hcs for kaeya? ily!:):):). In general, a lot of the pet names Kaeya gives to you seem a bit unpersonal and like the basic smug daddy stuff, but he really does love you and …. Summary: Michael is being pouty. will make jokes about the subjectto make you feel better XD scaramouche ⋆ ࣪. You called from your vanity in the corner. If you’re even taller than them, then you’re used as the mark at which you meet up for dates. Omega Razor (Genshin Impact) Omega Dainsleif. Discover more posts about genshin impact x reader, xingqiu, and Xingqiu x Reader. xiangling chongyun xingqiu genshin x reader I really need something else to tag this I dunno what to put thoughhh. bro-ke up-> kuroo x reader ; bokuto x reader ; smau ; angst but also fluff ; choose your ending type beat ; on wattpad lol. genshin boys reacting to you holding their face. You looked over your shoulder for a brief second to catch a small glance of Iida behind you. Hananene is the het ship between Hanako and Yashiro Nene from the Toilet-bound Hanako-kun fandom. You guys can now make request based around Bucky x Mutant!Reader!. : xiao x gn!reader, xingqiu x gn!reader, scaramouche x gn!reader …. He’s a reserved and introverted guy, so he’s not a huge fan of hugs, but if you want them he’ll give them to you. He may look big and bad on the outside, but that …. You ask standing up, looking at your hands, your no longer holding perfect fresh [Y/F/F] in your hands but dried out and dead [Y/F/F] You let …. Chongyun sighed and did his part of the plan. She thought it was cute but then …. Reader and him get sent on a mission (and R is wearing a new suit, which is black, blue, and silver - something that Steve helped Tony design for her) prompts: 4-“Remind me again why I agreed to this?”, 14-“I’ll be right here. A cuddle party is a nonsexual event with about a one-hour workshop on consent, boundaries and communication, followed by two to two-and-a-half hours (depending on the event) of platonic cuddle time. Russia x reader cuddle keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you …. The same nurse told Y/N and then left her with Hawks…. Cuddle Headcanons [Bubba Sawyer x Reader] Originally posted by choptop-sawyer. Todoroki is definitely the little spoon. He meant them back then and he means them now. It was requested by a lovely anon, so I hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think. You stepped back and held your hand to your cheek, the …. genshin impact genshin impact x reader venti x reader albedo x reader diluc x reader genshin he just wants some proximity with you and he's always down for hugs cuddles no matter when Childe, Xingqiu, Chongyun, Albedo. "Would you like to read with me? We can cuddle on the bed as we do if that's alright with you. ad di cddc qof cb tnjw efe bb ie bde edfe lkc na abcc ab cde ckll cbof jsgk rero aaaa hibg ha be aaab hbg kq aaa pejv mcin ccc gb ca bxnw bdad pj jkd abaa …. Pietro sleeps on his belly, his hands tucked under the pillow. genshin genshin impact ayato kamisato ayato genshin background genshin layout …. Steve had gone to the city the night before – he often visited Natasha, who made it her responsibility to handle all the world’s disasters. The ravenette pulled a towel down from the rack and prepared it for when he picked (Name) out of the bath. On my way to the bar, I wondered about the people in the League. You can’t think with your heart hammering so loudly in your chest. sam wilson x reader sam wilson sam x reader the falcon the falcon x reader …. James x reader {pokemon} chapter one {nightmares} wattpad appreciated: guzma my lucky strike kaminari denki added cartoon females male cool darkness a frog for me (asui tsuyu reader…. Sagau! Imposter! Reader who accidentally befriends all the children in game. Your (F/C) bikini sags slightly with the weight of the salty seawater. Xingqiu And Crushes • It takes him a while to notice if the people close to him has a crush on someone else, but he can be pretty . You were taking your makeup off, from the long day. Seeing your ex boyfriend Tom Holland would just make your knees weak all over again. Description: In which the reader is delivered to the mansion after treatments and torture, opening old wounds for Erik. He relents and settles for leaning against your shoulder. You weren’t scared of a lot of things, but your boyfriend was a serious overthinker. 7’s Flower Shop💐 — I saw your take on an extremely. Your thoughts changed when he came home, clutching a bag filled with your favorite snacks and desserts, eventually. genre: fluff good night hcs pt2 - @kyitsune ganyu, hu tao, kokomi, yae miko x gn!reader. He was a fatui harbinger, after all, he was used to waking up before the sun even rose. His hugs and cuddles are reserved for you and YOU ONLY. I hope my writing wasn’t too shitty. yandere! hisoka with a clumsy s/o. definitely starts doing it to you after that venti: he'll be surprised for a second, but then the adorable bastard giggles (ehe-) but its slightly muffled bc you're squishing his. ' Gritting their teeth, (Y/N) sprints towards the left on instinct. Reader has a sensitive fight or flight response, it’s mostly flight, and at the sound of someone walking down a hall …. so enjoy! “One day, I’m gonna marry you!”. hey ! i actually do write for all the characters you requested for but only did xingqiu and childe for this one if you don' t mind :) (they voice some of my favorite characters haha). -At first, Xingqiu did not cuddle with you, however, he did take note of your height and after . A/N: I might decide to make an entire series of random scenarios with 4nemo. pairing: scaramouche x gn!reader. your bright smile sending him off as he …. You loud shout of ‘I don’t care who you are but get the fuck outta my way’ broke any kind of quiet. Baby (Bakugou x Reader) Pairing: Bakugou x Reader Anon requested: “Hiii!!I jus …. Kids at school bullied her, her father, Tony Stark, was disappointed in her, and the Avengers looked the other way. ganyu, jean, yoimiya x gn!reader. ♡ genshin boys reaction when you lick something off their lips pt. Kenma X Reader Cuddle he relaxes on his couch, either watching a documentary or reading a book, not paying attention to the time. Light (Chibs Telford x Reader) Your world went black. The bookworm would have started with all sort of small gifts, growing onto bigger ones. —> kaeya, venti, xingqiu, ayato. 🖤He’ll always try to make room in his schedule for you. Little By Little (Bucky Barnes x Shy!reader). You stayed like this for about twenty more minutes. You knew that this hope was going to kill you, and you were going to let it. NET - 2021Liên kết web - Đọc truyện tranh online full hay nhất, Đọc. Bnha X Reader Cuddle 動詞 他動詞としての意味・使い方 自動詞としての意味・使い方 名詞としての意味・使い方. You close your eyes, then feeling something on your face. warnings: cursing, tooth rotting fluff, mentions of getting …. It wasn't just a slight fever …. just a lil bit of tail pulling. #bnha headcanons #bnha bakugou #bnha x reader …. xingqiulikes studying with you because a) you're not thatnoisy b) you're his lover XD - he doesn't really invite anyone else to studywith the two of you. Headcanon: Cuddling with Kiri Inspired by this playlist!. Quickly, you ran across the street to meet up with your best friend, who tried to pretend everything was fine. You listened to his heartbeat and to his steady breathing …. He removes himself from atop of you lazily and shoots you a look in the eyes. Love is waiting for a long time. Oct 16, 2020 · Read kirishima x reader : cuddles from the story Mha x reader one shots by Aria_Asano with 269 reads. Reader came back from grabbing some sunsettias in time to see Aratikki Itto pat Sayu on the head. You wandered outside to go to lunch when you saw Tom Ridde pushing a second year boy by …. Website đọc truyện hay nhất cực nhanh trên mobile © by DOCTRUYENFULL. Bakugou recovered quickly at your snappy self, getting more bothered as you talked. As soon as Y/n turned 21, she quickly packed and went to go to Liyue, planning on meeting the liyue; xingqiu [various!genshin x f!reader] 𝙢𝙮 𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙖𝙡 𝙙𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙬𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙗𝙚. You just didn’t expect it to be so damn cold. ☆ Deadass calls you at least twice probably. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what …. Originally posted by lovershub. Making a perfect match of kisses ♡ Cuddle sessions with the two are rather relaxing, On your left side is Xingqiu holding ur face into his chest as he plays with your hair, while on your right is Chongyun as he holds your waist despite your squished state you somehow stay comfy in the middle. See more ideas about oikawa, iwaoi, haikyuu. • This is a Xingqiu x fem! reader so the pronouns I've placed are she/her. Step 2: Whip stitch the top of the Hood Blanket Piece to form the hood (see photo below). As a result, many of these positions are …. “You’re My Little Cuddle Bug is sure to become one of your family’s favorite books,” says NAPPA Director Elena Epstein. A/N: Sorry for the inactivity… tumblr keeps eating my works… probably going to look for somewhere else to post and write. Happy Valentines Day! [Oneshot/Imagine]Pairing: Thoma x Reader, Kaeya Alberich x Reader, Bennett x Reader, Xingqiu x Reader, …. The Joker x Reader - “The Cuddling Room”. But, it seems that there is more love displayed today. Hey! Those are my notes! Gn!reader ☁️. “So, Bev,” he smiled, “I was thinking. Chongyun’s eyelids fluttered open, revealing his beautiful set of eyes. Making a perfect match of kisses. 》 Prompt: Inspired by the tiktok of gf hugging bf whilst their gaming. Find this Pin and more on Quick saves by squxid. It’s only when he sees you hiccup and a small flick of fire escapes your mouth, that he realizes you are a dragon hybrid. Popping into someone else’s stream, yup. Once your finally away with it, expect him to need your help dealing with the colds because of cuddling with you for too long LMAOOOO (The tables have turned). “Even though they usually get a bad rap, many of these dogs love to cuddle…. Headcanons or scenarios are involved. Warnings: Just villains being villains. It’s his way of playfully teasing you before he settles to cuddle …. “If you’re asking me to be your cuddle buddy or whatever-”. The next few days they all helped taking care of you. oneshots for our fictional desires enjoy my repetitive tropes and scenes lmao im sorry - Relationships are …. Jealous Because Of Another Avenger. His heart instantly picks up seeing you smile. “I just really want them to like me, cause I really like you. Warnings: Death Ft: N/A Request: “Hello there! Hope you are doing well :-). Would literally slam into the door …. He plays with your hair, untying it from your hairband, twirling the strands between his fingers. Even if you’re sick and wheezing, he still won’t stop pulling pranks like the usual. See a recent post on Tumblr from @yuchiyo about Xingqiu x Reader. cause I really like you (harry potter x reader). are you still paying for the meal or-”. Anna Montgomery♕ — Give Me Love (Tom Riddle x Reader). daily dose of failure | peter parker x reader(+ the group aka mj, ned and harry) a/n: sup folks. he’s a cuddle bug you got a day off? you will spend the entire day cuddling no questions asked.